It’s Thursdays with Trina.  How well are you?  If you had to take a survey or do a Self Assessment how would rate “how well you are right now?”  I don’t mean how physically fit you are or how many pushups you can do, or what your waist size is,  how great you are at planning or being organized, etc.  I mean how well are you in your mind, thoughts, health, wellness, self image etc.  It’s not easy being honest, especially with yourself.  Last night I had the pleasure of coaching a group for 90 minutes in our N.E.W. No Excuses Wellness Seminar.  These are the people that decided that they needed to make positive changes and so they made themselves a priority and signed up.  This workshop is not about instant gratification and sometimes we forget that the best things are the things that take time.

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Today energy is swirling and incredible all around me.  The room last night was filled with powerful energy, tears, brutal honesty, hope and most of all an openness to change.  More incredible seminars are on there way because I am on a mission to help you help yourself.  We are so filled with stress we are killing ourselves day in and day out.  Stop, breathe and pay attention to your thoughts and reaction.

When SH!T Hits the Fan!

I left the seminar and received a disturbing unrelated message. There was a point in my life where I would have REACTED and caused a certain “dialogue and movie” which in turn would create unhealthy stress.  The universe was testing me last night in the form of an email to see if I could really practice what I preach. I chose “not to let it in”. I spoke internally and out loud and said “I reject to let this disturbing information into my bubble right now, I will breathe, I will go to sleep and then I will wake up, walk and process all of this information tomorrow.” Had I reacted last night I would not have had the same outcome and I would have had a different illness and stress in my body today. I chose to put the power back in my hands rather than feel out of control.

Remember you have the Power to Change

  • You will not change overnight
  • You are not perfect
  • You will fail unless you “PLAN” and follow through
  • You will not get results without better sleep, meditation, meal planning, workouts etc.
  • Change your thoughts + meditation = wellness, weight and inches lost = happiness

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