What are you training for?  There are many reasons to work out but my personal one reason is “I workout for my sanity“.  It doesn’t matter exactly what you are training for, it only matters that you do it regularly.  Not long ago a very nice fit lady approached me after my workout at the gym and asked “You are in great shape, what are you training for?”  She was convinced that I was training for a competition, a tough mudder, run or something with a crazy goal.  I always chuckle and am flattered when I get stopped and asked the question “What Are you Training For?  My answer is simple “Thanks! I’m training for life!”

What Are You Training For?

Most times people are surprised and they tell me they thought I was training for a show or a competition or something else. I am always flattered and think “hmm, maybe”.  My reasons are very clear:what-are-you-training-for-no-fear-no-excuses

  • Health:  I am grateful to be mobile because I know what it feels like to have that taken away read my Painful Surgery Journey 
  • My parents died too young, I remind myself daily to move my body and be grateful
  • Being fit is not a luxury, it’s a priority that I think everyone should put at the top of the list
  • It feels amazing to move, sweat and honour your body in any way possible
  • My kids:  I want to be able to keep up with them so I train to be the strongest I can be for myself and my children
  • To live healthy and pain free life
  • Train to be the best version of yourself
  • I train for sanity and not vanity


What are you training for?  Make your goals and work at them.  This is a journey that will last forever so enjoy the health and fitness ride.  In case you need some motivation to get to a workout tomorrow here it is…


I would love to hear from you below.  Give some thought as to exactly what you are training for and keep at it!

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