You need a weight loss meal plan but it’s not what you think. Telling yourself you “can’t eat or drink something” only makes you crave and want it more. Simply put, eat and drink anything you want but decide first. Writing down what you will eat and drink for the day helps you stay consistent. I do it regularly and I lost 30+ pounds with accountability to myself. Let me explain.  Click here for more amazing tidbits.

calorie-counting-yogurt-parfait-stressWeight Loss Meal Plan: 24 Hour Food Plan 

First, start with a 24 hour daily food plan because that’s your weight loss and health plan. Every morning or night, write down everything that you will eat or drink the following or current day (include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks).  Second, follow through consistently and repeat the process.


Deciding ahead takes the “emotion” out of the sad, angry, frustrated, busy or hangry twin that makes you choose unhealthy options. Over time, momentum builds, you show up for yourself and you start to realize that you can actually accomplish the things you set out to do. Think of it as your Nutrition WOD Challenge “Wellness of the Day.”


Organize your Fridge

If I bring too many “chips” in the house it’s bad.  If you are tempted by those tasty treats in your home, make a change. Download this 4 page document with tip and two recipes here.


Weight Loss Meal Plan

I have lots of tidbits on meal planning for weight loss, dive deeper here:


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Live 20 minute real time Mini Coaching session with me addressing three simple tips to make more meals at home and spend less on take out.  If you love real time training, grab a pen and paper, play the video and write down what stands out for you. If you love to read, all of the meal planning tidbits are posted below too.

In Conclusion, You can do it

In conclusion, meal planning can be easy when you plan in advance.  Check out my Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping Tips, click here

Grab a whiteboard or paper, dump ideas on the list and pick 3-5 you want this week and prep. It helps if you pick a day or two to commit to this.  Eventually it will be a habit and your body will thank you by shedding fat and stress due to all of your hard work. Get notified here for my free Live Trainings with recipes, workouts and much more.

xo Trina Medves

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