Many of us are feeling exhausted and run down since the Daylight Saving time roll back.  Here are 5 Tips to beat weight gain and the daylight saving time change exhaustion. I’m loving the extra sun in the morning because I am up at 6am daily but on the other hand I feel like a bear and I want to hibernate.  My clients have been complaining that they are moody, run down, exhausted and everyone is getting sick.  Sugar, sleep, moving and healthy food is critical at this time of year.

5 Tips to Beat Weight Gain and Daylight Savings Time Exhaustion

TIP #1 Move

Get busy moving daily.  Do anything that makes you feel good and makes you sweat.  We have lots of free workouts for you.  Try our Calf and Core Quickie or our 10 Minute Butt and Gut Buster Video Workout

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TIP #2 Hydrate

Bring your water bottle with you everywhere you go, don’t leave home without it.  I take two 800 ml Fit4Females Bottles with me.  Some days I want to fill the second with wine since it holds an entire bottle 🙂   Drinking water helps with weight loss, detoxification and in the winter we forget and can easily get dehydrated.  Use discount code 5tipsblog for one of our 800ml Double Insulated Water Bottles for $15 off Click here

You are drinking enough when your urine is pale yellow and does not have an odour (yellow urine is a sign of dehydration).  Read this:  Are you Drinking Enough Water

Prefer Video?  Watch this

TIP #3 Get Rid of the Halloween Candy and Added Sugar

If you haven’t already, ditch your Halloween Candy and start to reduce your sugar intake.  Sugar is a drug and hormone disruptor and it weakens your immune system.  It’s FLU season.  Get back on the fitness and healthy eating wagon right away!  Plan your next workout and meals.  Try replacing your sugary items with our Immune Boosting Latte and these Chocolate Cupcakes Everything Free.

I would have to do 72 Burpees to burn off one of my favourite Reese Peanut Butter Cups!!  No thank you!

TIP #4 Sleep and Decide Ahead

Decide to be disciplined with reducing screen time and making a hard set bed time.  This is the easiest thing to control but the hardest to follow.  You don’t need to finish one more thing and it’s not party and wine time when the kids go to bed (well sometimes it is, just not regularly.  Think of sleep as your reward.  Your bed is the happiest place on earth so dive into those comfy sheets.

TIP #5 Get Outside

Vitamin D is at an all time low when you live in Canada in the winter months.  It’s important to get as much sunshine as you can.  Schedule a walk daily, get outside and do some lunges, squats, walk, run and enjoy nature.  It doesn’t have to be a workout but I want you to schedule it daily.

Share Your Tips

What helps you beat weight gain and daylight savings time exhaustion?  Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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