We won, we won!  Thanks to our supportive Members and Fans we defended our Award Winning status and then some!  2015 has been our best year ever we took:

Platinum Awards:

  1. Best Fitness Instructor, Trina Medves
  2. Best Boot Camp
  3. Best Pilates

Diamond Awards: 

  1. Best Weight Control Services
  2. Best Women’s Only Fitness Club

Don’t worry, we won’t get too comfortable and we WILL continue to go ABOVE and BEYOND 4 you!


Online Train with Trina Coming Soon!

I am excited to announce that I have working day and night to bring you an incredible Online Train with Trina coaching program.  I can’t wait to launch this Program in January for all of those who are committed to working with me and are desperately in need of making themselves a priority.

Join a Class


Our biggest thanks!

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for us, shows up to our Programs every day and believes in what we offer and promote at Fit4Female. We stay in business because of YOU!

We are the little fish in a big sea.  We do not own our own facility, we do not have a huge schedule or tons of members or Trainers like other gyms in our area but we do have a dedication, connection and full commitment to each one of our clients!

There are dozens of other Fitness Programs that our Members could choose but the truth is a lot of people do what we do, but they don’t do it the way we do it with the same passion by reaching and touching so many lives both in and out of our classes.   THANK YOU!

I share these awards with all of you and my incredible team!  2016 is going to ROCK!

Don’t just Creep us, Follow US!

Head over to follow us on Facebook and post your MOW Goals.  What about Twitter?  Thank you xo Trina

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