Please take a moment to nominate Fit4Females in the Hamilton Spectator’s Readers Choice.  We would love to defend our 2012 award titles “Best Boot Camp and Best Women’s Only Fitness Club” and pick up any extra!
It only takes about 3 minutes and it really means a lot coming from our fans, members and readers.  With a small company like ours we always need your help!
Nominate Now!

Please Nominate Fit4Females and Trina Medves in these categories:

#23 Boot Camp, Fit4Females
#55 Fitness Club Women’s Only, Fit4Females
#154 Weight Control Services, Fit4Females
#391 Personal Trainer, Trina Medves
#404 Overall Customer Service, Above and Beyond, Fit4Females

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Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves

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