Thanks to you, Fit4Females and Trina Medves were nominated in 5 categories in the 2013 Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Awards.  Please take a few minutes to vote for us!  We truly appreciate your time and hope that you will vote to let us know how much you love us!
F4F is a small company and in order to win and defend our title awards we need EVERY fan and member to vote.  A lot of hard work goes into our programs, newsletters and posts. If you love Fit4Females and Trina Medves, please vote now in these categories:
#23 Boot Camp, Fit4Females
#56 Fitness Club – Women’s Only, Fit4Females
#157 Weight Control Services, Fit4Females
#394 Personal Trainer, Trina Medves
#407 Overall Customer Service, Above and Beyond, Fit4Females  

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A message from Trina Medves, Owner and Head Trainer

“I can’t do it without you! I am so lucky to spend hundreds of hours of my life giving to my members, fans and to all of those who don’t attend my classes but are inspired by my posts, words, stories and feedback. I love my job, I love my fans and members, I am extremely passionate about what I do and most of all I love the support that I have created at Fit4Females. I truly believe there is no other business like F4F!  You allow me the opportunity to inspire, coach, motivate and challenge you in a way that I was born to do.


Last year Fit4Females won two awards for Best Boot Camp (also in 2011) and Best Women’s Only Fitness Club. We are a small business, so that basically means that almost 100% of our members had to vote in order for Fit4Females to beat out all of the BIG companies that we are up against.

This year, I would like to defend those titles and possibly add a few more. I truly believe that we go above and beyond to bring you the best of everything in the fitness and nutrition world and most importantly the real version of myself as the Leader of Fit4Females.  My goal is always to inspire EVERY woman to be a little less self conscious about herself, teach her to make herself a priority and to walk just a little taller. That is what I offer and sell at Fit4Females.

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, liking, posting, sweating, supporting and everything else that you do. Even if you don’t attend classes and are a part of the F4F community via social media or from the email stories that you send me, I love you either way.  Thanks so much!” – Trina Medves  – Please vote above.

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Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves

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