Making changes is hard for everyone but it has to start small.  I just love this honest message that we received from our member Christine who is making real changes.  They are not easy but all it takes is some confidence, a support system and the will to want to change.

It Starts with a Small step!

“Hey Trina,

After our 40 second talk and all the conversations between members in class last week I have taken little baby steps to a better me. I thought I would just let you know how much you and the ladies in your Fit4Females classes have helped me.

I haven’t eaten fast food (which was almost a daily occurrence) in over a month. My daily venti lattes have gone down to small double doubles but I am working on limiting that and eventually not having coffee.   Now I have made a plan so that my once in a blue moon fruit and veggie smoothie will be a daily occurrence! “

Fit4Females Member eating clean

Just remember that you have to start somewhere, take one step today that will make you healthier tomorrow.  Let Christine’s story inspire you.  What change can you make today?

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