It’s the time I get to help you better your life and today  I have a small challenge.   Body image is something I have worked on since I was little, my Mother taught me good practices.  Try this two minutes to a better body image challenge and be sure to check the Blog and Facebook every Thursday and share these posts to all the women who need it. Please share the video and post below and  share your comments because we want to know how you are doing! Time to work on our inner body, our self talk and work towards a better body image.

Two Minutes to a Better Body Image

Inner body challenge is not always something we want to work on.  It’s simple but so powerful… Self talk!  We are so busy talking negative about everything that we are making ourselves sick, stressed and we can even gain weight from our own negativity.

What you need for Two Minutes to a Better Body Image

  1. An open mind and awareness to our thoughts
  2. A timer that you can set for every 2 hours
  3. Pen and paper:  Write down 3 kind words or sentences to say about yourself *save them in a pretty jar

Two Minutes to a Better Body Image Challenge

Set a timer on your phone for every 2 hours to stop and say 3 kind words or sentences about yourself.

Examples:  I’m working on my stress, I love my thighs, I’m strong, beautiful, my body is beautiful, I am worth it, I can achieve this.

Say it out loud if you are alone or in quiet if you are out in public.  This will help reduce your cortisol levels since positive self talk is the way to success and better body image.  Practice this all week and repeat it daily.  You will never know until you try.  Please keep me updated on how you are doing in the comments below and on Facebook.

Focus on the DOING:  Do what you need to do to improve your body image.  Better self talk, go for a walk, start committing to your workouts.

Four Body Image Practices

Be realistic:  What is realistic for your body type?  Don’t aim to be somebody you know you won’t be able to look like.  Consider what is realistic with training, diet, when you have looked your best and commitment.

Accountability:  Get a group, a friend or a loved one to help you on your journey.  Find someone in your life.  If you need a group of like minded people join the Free Talk with Trina Facebook Group.

Action:  Take action daily towards a better body image by working out, committing to eating healthier and taking time for you!

Thoughts of wonder woman:  Practice the work above, I promise if you put it into action you will start to feel better about yourself.

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