Being accountable is a common struggle with our Fit4Females Tribe. It can make or break your goals and lead to procrastination. You must be accountable to lose weight, workout, eat healthy, eat more vegetables or finally do that “thing” you’ve been saying you are going to do.  As a Life Coach and Fitness expert, I’ve got tidbits to make you accountable.  Join my 10 Day Shred Program anytime to help with accountability.

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Tidbits to Stay Accountable 


#1: Dump list Pen to Paper

Get everything off your mind that you want to change from your brain to paper. For example:
  • Lose weight.
  • Get to bed earlier.
  • Stop snacking at night.
  • Stop eating my kids snacks.
  • Start working out.
  • Increase your protein.
  • Reduce alcohol.
  • Stop hitting snooze.
  • Finally start working out.
  • Add yours to this list.

#2: Triage the List

Pick one or two things that feel most important on that list. Not all, just one or two, for example:
  • “If I just get out of bed in the morning I will finally have time to workout”.
  • “If I lay my workout clothes and water bottle out the night before I will more likely do it and have more time.”
  • “Wash and cut my veggies so I will finally eat them instead of them rotting in the fridge.”
Permission not to do everything on your dump list. Pick something simple that gets you a quick win. Try getting out of bed without hitting snooze or drink another bottle of water today.

#3 Tell someone for Accountability

Once you picked one or two things you feel are most important, tell someone.  Ask them to keep you accountable. This is what I do with our 10 Day Shredders.  Full accountability and results 10x with accountability.
For example, “I am scheduled for my workout today at 6pm, please text or follow up with me and ask if I did it.  You won’t want to let the person down so you are more likely to follow through.  Ask yourself questions like”
  1. What do you want to be accountable for?
  2. How are you going to be accountable?
  3. Follow through, actually do it.

It’s normal to not feel motivated so stay disciplined. .  Who is your accountability buddy?


To Do List “you first”

We are great at making to do lists, crushing things off that list and giving to everyone else.  We are not so good at doing the same for ourselves.  You cannot pour from an empty, resentful and exhausted cup.  Women we are the worst (but we are also the best).  Give to yourself first.

On your to do list add something for just you daily to better your health, body, mind. Having coached thousands of women since the 90’s, you need this remind. Repeat daily and this will become much easier.

In Conclusion

You have to do the work to be accountable.  Start with one thing and grab that person you know will holt you You are an incredible give but you need to give to yourself accountable.  Join my 10 Day Shred Program anytime to help with accountability.  Need accountability with workouts?  Sign up for a FREE class.

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Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves


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