Progress not perfection. Here are four ways to address your problems, struggles and aim for progress, not perfection.  It is a dangerous story when we aim for perfection with food, workouts, mindset and wellness.  “I am giving up wine, sugar, I’m finally going to workout, eat right, cut carbs, fast, go Keto, Paleo” and get results.  Then life hits and you get derailed.  Here’s how to change your body, mindset and get results.

1) Workout Every Day? Progress not Perfection

Not necessary.  Our bodies are meant to move so I believe you should move every day, here are some examples:

Change your mindset to “I will workout some days, not all days”

Think of a time you said you were going to do something and you didn’t “workout, eat better, drink more water, stop drinking/snacking at night, remove the sugar addiction, hit a goal, show up for something important.”  – Progress not perfection


2) Eat Right Every Meal, Progress not Perfection

As soon as you tell your body “I can’t have cake”, all you want is cake!  Your brain will do everything to get you to fail. Instead, focus eating right most of the time to serve your body.

No foods are off limit, eat right most meals

  • Eat the cake and don’t beat yourself up
  • Is there a healthier option of your favourite foods (mine is chips so I choose better versions instead of Doritos or added MSG brands)
  • Make these Peanut Butter Bites recipe instead of store bought candies
  • Reduce how much processed food you eat from a box
  • My 28 Day Shape Up Program is set up for cheat meals, more details here.  This way you trick your body, we aren’t meant to eat clean all of the time.

3) Cut out all Junk?  

Replace some junk and remember, progress, not perfection!  As soon as you tell your body you “can’t have something” forget it!  Your brain will do everything to get you to fail. Instead, focus on eating right most of the time to serve your body and eat the “junk” treats after that.

Nothing is off limits

  • Eat what you want but make sure the majority of the time it’s healthy proteins, fat, fibre, carbs, vegetables and it walked or grew on earth.
  • Is there a healthier option of the “junk”you are eating


4) I Failed and Went off track

Don’t let one bad meal, day or weeks make you give up.  Get back after a bad day.  Failure is just data my friend, click here  to reduce anxiety, failure and be kinder to yourself .  One meal or week doesn’t ruin your whole life.

In Conclusion

Last week I shared how I totally messed up and how I deal with the stress, read more here.  Aim for progress, not perfection and be kind to yourself, you are amazing.  Change your words and thinking.  Eat the cake.  Drink the wine.  Do all of this in moderation.  If you need a change, try my 10 Day Kickstart with is easy and effective.  What photo and words do you relate to most in the consistency photo above?  Tell me below.

Trina Medves xo

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