“I had to reduce anxiety when I really messed up today.” Ever have a “beat yourself up moment?” Today, I woke up thinking it was Wednesday but it was Thursday. For 16 years, I’ve taught a Stroller Fitness class  every Wednesday which recently moved to Thursdays.  My new schedule includes Coaching sessions on Thursdays and I did not show up for that session. Epic fail!  I was teaching class thinking it was Wednesday.  This happens when new routines are not yet a habit.  Don’t beat yourself up, solve the problem with these tidbits.

Failure Anxiety Shows Up

We should reduce anxiety in these situation but instead we:

  • Get mad at ourselves.
  • Hold onto the mistake instead of letting it go!
  • Carry it into the day or worse yet the week for longer than it deserves attention.
  • Say “I suck, I failed, I let myself and the other person down who was counting on me. I always mess up. What is wrong with me? “
Think of a time you said you were going to do something and you didn’t “workout, eat better, drink more water, stop drinking/snacking at night, remove the sugar addiction, hit a goal, show up for something important.”

You feel like a TOTAL FAILURE when you don’t do it!

We naturally beat ourselves up. We punish ourselves with food, drinking and other habits. Panic attacks and anxiety can show up when you let yourself or others down.  There is a way to reduce anxiety and control this.

How to Solve “Failure” Problems

This is exactly the process I go through to fix my mistakes.  With practice you will become a superhero at being kinder to yourself.  Try this.

1) Kindness

Mistakes happen, be KIND to yourself.  This is all data/information that you can learn from. What did this teach you?

2) Apologize and Forgive

Completely own your mistakes with no excuses.  Apologize if someone else is involved. Forgive yourself.

3) Alarm Reminder

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to do the “thing” (drink the water, do your workout, get ready for the apt, go to bed, show up for the class or apt. etc.)

4) Commit

Never repeat the mistake again, fix what you can for next time.  Today was an alarm issue, it’s set on my phone going forward.

5) Inspect

Check your calendar each morning, do appointments have to be rescheduled or moved to create breathing space?

6) Let it go

It doesn’t fix or serve the issue to carry the mistake with you.  Practice my short video clip below of the one move I love to reduce anxiety.

7) Pause and Breathe

Sounds simple but it’s not.  Check out the 30 second video I posted below for one move that complete reduces anxiety and stress.

 Failure is just Data

reduce-anxiety-you-are-not-the-mistakes-you-have-made-success-failurWhat doesn’t help

Getting mad at yourself.  Saying “I guess I can’t keep my schedule straight, I’m a failure.”  I am a Type A, perfectionist, people pleaser with lots of things to do daily.  I completely changed my thoughts and mindset when I when I had my Rare Cancer and Lymphoma scare, read more here.


icon-listenReduce Anxiety and Stress with this Move

This one move helps you de-stress and reduce anxiety situations. I do it daily. Add it to your AM & PM routine or anytime you need it. No foam roller? Add a pool noodle, rolled up towels or simply lay on the floor. This reduces your blood pressure and stress hormones in stressful situations. What reduces stress and anxiety for you? Tell me below please.


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In Conclusion

Set alarms, tell yourself every mistake is data, be kind to yourself, apologize when it’s your fault and learn from the mistake.  I asked my gals on Instagram “what habit do you want to change and dump?  The answers flooded in. Most replied “staying up too late, drinking wine, eating unhealthy snacks/alcohol, not making time for workouts”. Click here to read How to Change Habits and Change Triggers.

Trina Medves xo

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