Today is Tacos,  a 5 minute leg workout and how to save money with veggies. The could be called Quinoa Quesadillas too.  Are they Taco’s or Quesadillas? Either way, they are delicious.  The real party is on social where I share a lot.  Be sure to follow me.  Below are the highlight videos and most helpful Tidbits of the week. If you struggle with food, check out our Nutrition Ninja Accountability group that starts in 2021.

tacos-quinoa-recipe-iconTacos with Quinoa and Veggies

These quick and healthy tacos are perfect when stressed for time. Part of your meal prep would include cooking the quinoa and veggies in advance.  Then you put it together, heat and serve.  The hardest part is folding it and making sure everything doesn’t fall out of it when you flip it.

  • Heat up your tortilla wrap in a pan with a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Add 1/2 cup of cooked and seasoned Quinoa (paprika, smoked paprika, garlic or garlic powder, salt and pepper, use spices you like)
  • Top with Onions raw or cooked
  • Add veggies of your choice
  • Top with a bit of dairy or vegan cheese
  • Let it heat in the pan, then fold in half until golden brown (about 1 min)
  • Flip to the other side heat until golden brown
  • Top with guacamole or salsa or eat as it
  • Enjoy!

Do you love tacos ? Tell me your favourite topping in the comments below!  Mine is guacamole.

butts-gutts-icon5 Min Leg Workout with Rags or Socks

Trouble getting motivated?  Do this for 5 minutes and it will boost your mood. Don’t believe me, try it!  I did this workout for 5 minutes to my favourite song and felt happy and energized. Start with 5 minutes and work up to 8!

  • 10x Skaters
  • 10x Back Lunges
  • 10x Lateral Single Lunges each leg
  • 10x Forward and backward booty builders

banana-muffins-food-is-fuel-food-iconSave Veggie ends to make Broth

Want to save money? Try this.  Oh and it’s awesome for your health. Every time you use vegetables, save the scraps and put it in a freezer bag for later to make Vegetable broth,  click here for the recipe . Even tomatoes ends.  Potato peels and mushrooms will give the broth a creamy texture.

Trina’s Taco Tidbits

Start with your 5 minute workout, prep your Tacos and save all of the veggie ends from the tacos and add to your freezer bag for later.  It sounds like the perfect plan doesn’t it?

I am all about efficiency.  I would love to hear from you below.   What recipes and workouts would you like to see next?  Let me know.

Trina Medves xo

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