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How to Get the Results you Want

I am heavily Coaching lots of ladies right now and we have so many struggles in common. Despite your struggles, prioritizing time is at the root of most problems. I have brand new 30 minute Power Coaching Sessions that are creating incredible transformations for women.

It is impossible to get the results you want, if you are not prioritizing your time and what matters most.  Especially getting results with weight loss, healthy eating, fitness and stress management.

Here are 3 proven ways to immediately change your life for the better.

I’ve taught this system to thousands of women and it’s transformed their lives, mood and bodies. If you are struggling with ANYTHING, taking action is what will kickstart your journey.  Click here to see if we can work together to deliver the results you want.

It’s the Start that Stops most of Us

You procrastinate because you are avoiding stress.  The problem gets worse, your waist line grows and you hold on to body fat you don’t need.  The cycle repeats daily.  What ACTION will you TAKE today to make YOU a TOP priority?  Tell us in the Facebook group.


body-fat-lose-weightToday I Celebrate

Huge day for me!  It’s been 3 years since an “undiagnosed medical disease” took over my body instantly in 2017.  Fast forward through way too many very invasive medical tests, progressive symptoms, permanent damage to my body and finally a Brain Biopsy in April 2019 as a last resort, read more here.

Am I cured?  No, but I am closer to a goal of getting off / reducing any of the multiple medications I’m on to fight this aggressive disease. So, today I celebrate with a cake and smiles. I will be patient on this journey and continue to control everything that is within my power.


CHOOSE to live with what you CAN control

I could go ON and ON about how:

  • This medical disease and experience took from me and my family
  • Awful it’s been
  • I can’t stand the treatment and so many medications
  • Doctors appointments
  • Invasive and painful medical tests have been
  • Permanent damage that changed my life and on and on

On the outside, nobody knows but even my doctors feel bad for me because they could not stop the permanent damage.  I choose joy and happy thoughts.

I have ACCEPTED my diagnosis and continue to inspire and teach through everything that has helped and continues to help me.




Prioritize yourself.

Celebrate yourself with every win.


Let go of what you cannot control.

Negative thoughts become habitual and make you believe they are real although they are not always related to fact.

You have a choice to focus on the negative or the positive.  I choose positive because the negative leads down a very dark road.  Allow the sadness and feel the emotions.  Then, redirect the thought to what is going well in every aspect of your life.

Do not wait for something big to celebrate.  Choose to celebrate all of your wins, big or small.

In Conclusion

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Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves


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