Reduce stress in 6 minutes with this live video stretch routine and a quickie video reel for Sexy Shoulders below.  I went live with a Stretch Routine to help reduce stress, calm anxiety and prevent injury.  It helps with anger and to lower your blood pressure too.

Warning, if you do this you will feel happier and less stressed.  Each week I send you tons of free Tidbits to help your health and weight loss journey. Grab all my free goodies here.

simple meal prepReduce Stress with 4 Stretches

Breathing either contributes to our stress or helps reduce it. We simply do not breathe the way we should because of daily stress, our environment and because we love to suck our belly in to look leaner.

That was me, I was an athlete and learned from a young age to “suck it in”.  This can cause pelvic floor dysfunction.

Proper Breathing Technique to Reduce Stress

To start, I chose a deep belly breathing technique. If you participate in exercise or our Online Classes, we tend to cue lateral costal breathing to expand the ribs.  Both are needed to practice daily.

Lateral costal breathing refers to side-to-side excursion of the ribcage with each inhale. When speaking of the mechanics of the ribs during breathing, we often discuss the lower ribs moving like a bucket handle – when you inhale, the lower ribs swing out on either side, much like the handle of a bucket *used a lot in exercise.

Belly Breathing: Used mostly in yoga.  Promotes reducing anxiety, stress, relaxation and more.

Stretch Moves Demonstrated

Hold each stretch for a minimum one minute.  This routine will take 6 minutes. Do it anytime.  One and five can be done at a desk or sitting.

  1. R side neck stretch *seated or standing
  2. L side neck stretch *seated or standing
  3. R side Quadriceps and hip opener
  4. L side Quadriceps and hip opener
  5. Gentle back twist *knees gently rolling from side to side, engaging the abdominals
  6. Childs pose

butts-gutts-iconSexy Shoulders Reel for Rear Deltoids

Want strong and beautiful shoulders aka deltoids?  Try this move.  Start with body weight, then progress to very light weight and move up as you get stronger.  Shoulders do not need to be heavily loaded so don’t go too heavy.  Make the mind muscle connection.

How to Do Rear Shoulder / Deltoid Lateral Raises

  1. Start with body weight first, then light dumbbells
  2. Feet hip width apart
  3. Bend your torso forward at the hips *soft bend in the knees
  4. Tuck the chin for a straight spine
  5. Long spine from top of head to tailbone
  6. Exhale as you raise the dumbbells toward the sides, palms down and stay tall crown to tailbone
  7. Think of the pinkies leading toward the ceiling
  8. Repeat from the top


In Conclusion

Stress isn’t going away but it can be controlled with your breathing.  Practice the moves daily and you will honestly start to feel better.  Join us weekly for free recipes and workouts in my FIT Insider here.

Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves


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