This legs, arms, abs workout had me sweating and feeling amazing.  Here is a workout, recipe and five minute Coaching video for three Tidbits to Crush your Goals of any kind. Grab all my free goodies here.

beach-workout-iconLegs, Arms, ABS Workout 

This workout requires dumbbells but if you don’t have any, fill a backpack with household items for step ups.  Lighter weights or a mini band for plank shoulder row.  Start first with body weight and a secure step for step ups.  Lots more freebies in my Fit Community News here.
  • Set a timer for 6 minutes or perform 4 rounds.
  • Always warm up first for 5-8 minutes to get your muscles warm and heart rate up.
  • Do the workout by reps of 12 or 30 second intervals, your choice.
  • 12x Step Ups *add load if appropriate
  • 12x Side Plank *Shoulder press up, optional
  • Plank for two full core breaths, inhale and exhale equals one
  • Plank to squat press back
  • Finish with a stretch and meditation


3 Tidbits to Crush any Goal

Do you feel like a failure sometimes?  I often felt like I was never doing enough on my “Daily To Do List and it made me feel like I was failing and always behind.  That changed when I put this system into place.  Try these three Tidbits to help you stay focused with any goal you want to achieve. Read more about the Top 3 here.


Vegetable Broth Home Made Recipe

This is one of the recipes coming in my new Recipe Book. I’m sharing it early because our member Amber requested it. Please click here to tell me what you want in the Recipe Book.


In Conclusion

Click here for the Vegetable Broth Recipe.

Please click here to tell me what you want in the Recipe Book.

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