Our biggest life mistake is we think we have more time for everything.  “I’ll do it later, tomorrow, when I retire, I will tell people what they mean to me later, I will get to that workout, call, craft, etc.  On and on with excuses, forgetting to live in the present moment and put our needs first.  Life is short.  Be kind to yourself and others.  Here are the things I feel are most important to live without regret.

Life Mistake: Not Putting Yourself First

Do this for yourself:

Pick one thing that speaks to you most and work on that daily.  Life is a journey.  Be kind to yourself and allow for mistakes, heart break and surrendering to what you “think should happen.”  I’ve adopted a very different attitude since losing both of my parents.  The time is now.

  1. Fill up your soul daily before giving to others.
  2. Eat and drink healthy *choose the best foods that give you energy and vitality
  3. Move your body, sweat and workout *try a FREE class with Fit4Females anytime
  4. Do more of what you love and what makes you happy.  What fills your soul?
  5. Think healthy thoughts more than you do now, practice daily
  6. Meditate for 10 minutes daily or sit quietly with your thoughts.  It’s ok for your brain to think, it’s all part of it.
  7. Gratitude: think and write it down daily *this truly changed my life
  8. Heal old arguments, tragedies and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  9. Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments.  I struggled my entire life with this one.

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Life Mistake Toward Others:

It’s amazing to help others but remember to help yourself first.  I believe our life purpose is to serve others in a positive way.  Everyone is capable of this.  Never help others at the expense of your health or happiness.
  1. Serve others when possible and do what feels comfortable for you.
  2. Tell those you love with words and hugs daily.  Every day, every moment.
  3. Smile at strangers.
  4. Compliment people.
  5. Teach skills that you know will help others.
  6. Share what has helped you along the way.
  7. Let go of people that do not serve you (good-bye energy suckers).
  8. Treat others how you want to be treated, even when you are angry.


Honour your Body

You can’t expect to be healthy and lose weight overnight when your habits aren’t serving you.  I’ve listed my Best Healthy Tips for Weight Loss and for your Immune system here.

In Conclusion

Life mistakes will come and go.  Life is too short to not love what you do or to not to share your love and words with the people most important to you.  Who cares what you look like.  If you feel healthy do more.  If you don’t feel healthy make small changes that over time will amount to giant wins.  Join me and my Team weekly with tons of free Tidbits, Recipes and workouts in my FIT Insider here.  You always pass failure on your way to mistakes, go easy on yourself.

Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves


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