Wine Mom Michelle is giving it up.  Do you want to kick wine or other bad habits?  My world got rocked this week with a big scare with our daughter.  Thankfully, she is ok but it got me thinking and wanting to go back to my old habits.  Meet Michelle, she is converting from “wine Mom to a “dry” February and I’m showing you the coaching behind what it looks like to kick any addictive habit (using your phone too much, sugar, carbs, emotional eating, etc).  All bad habits that you can kick, its possible for you.

Updated March 20, 2023Member Michelle has been sober since January 26, 2020.

Wine Mom and Bad Habits: Mindset Matters

OLD ME:  When stress or tragedy hits I would burry my feelings by “powering through”, dive into work, crush a workout or wind down at night with a glass of wine. Maybe two.

NEW ME: Nope! Refocus and remove bad habits to better ones.

  • I removed alcohol from my diet March 20, 2019.
  • It’s easy to reach for a comfort food or drink to “temporarily get away from your problems.
  • It doesn’t serve us and causes more harm than good.

Ask yourself this…

I this (insert your bad habit) serving me?

Life Stress

Life shakes and rattles you with tragedy and triggers and sends you reaching for things other than broccoli.
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol / smoking
  • Skipping workouts
  • Reaching for comfort foods
  • Zoning out on technology or Netflix
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Workaholic
  • Putting your health last
  • Diving into work or a project to distract you
  • Pop
  • Procrastinating
  • Raging emotions and dumping on others to name a few
  • It shows up differently for everyone
Good news!  It’s just a repetitive negative habit that can be changed.  Here is how:

Meet Michelle Wine Mom be gone

I’ve been Coaching Michelle and she has a big goal of “no booze for February”.  This is how we will work through achieving this goal:


Michelle’s Coaching Plan to Quit Booze

I asked her to share for accountability how she plans to stop drinking.  When it comes to breaking a habit, it is difficult because there is an emotional component that is attached to the habit.  Most times you don’t notice until you start digging.  Click here to read how to kick your bad habits.

Goal: No wine or alcohol for February.

Struggles: Stressful job, shift work, being bored, stressful people in her life, kids, busy mom, wanting to shut down, sitting on the couch, one glass lead to two.

Trina’s Tidbit:  Listing your struggles is important to look ahead at what might derail you.  Write down all of your struggles and what might get in the way.

Tip #1:  Remove Temptation

“I don’t have any alcohol in the house so I won’t be able to grab a drink if I feel like one”.  Some of us need to remove it completely from our home.  How about you?

Tip #2:  Wine at Nine

“Get out of the habit of staying up late, which I would do with a glass of wine for some “me time”.  When I feel that way, I go to bed with my book and mist my doTerra oils, I read and go to sleep.  Bonus, I’ve been getting lots of sleep and I’ve been feeling great.”

Tip #3:  Dessert for the Sugar Craving

“Making sure I have a little dessert after dinner that way I won’t be craving sugar that I normally get from my wine”.  Here are some great recipes:

Tip #4:  Replace with Workouts

“Committing to working out four times a week that way I’m replacing my bad habit with a good habit.”  Having a “wine hangover” before a workout doesn’t feel so good.  It will keep you honest with yourself.


Tip #4:  Sleepy Time Tea

At night, I’m making myself a tea to keep my hands busy.  It usually likes to hold a wine glass, now it’s holding a tea mug.  It’s not enough to just WANT to quit something, you need a plan and action like Michelle.


How can you kick your habits?

You need a plan, a list of your triggers and something to replace the bad habit, just like Michelle replaced the wine glass with tea. You need to set your Top 3 daily to commit and create better habits.  My 10 Day Lean and Clean is EXACTLY where I start and the process that helped me:
  • Commit to workouts 4-5x/week
  • Cut out wine completely, read more
  • Remove gluten *14 months going strong
  • Make my bed daily
  • Meditate regularly
  • Stop buying take out coffee completely *I was drinking 2 lattes per day
  • Decrease stress in the morning by nailing down a morning routine

Start Here

This is a great place to start if your goal is to quit, reduce or start anything.  My 10 Day Lean and Clean is meant to have you work on creating better habits.  Every day I deliver to you a Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness goal, read more here. I asked Michelle to do the same.  Can you imagine if you crushed 3 things daily that made you feel energized and so much better.
  • Start with ONE habit.  What one thing could you reduce or remove right now that will impact your health, fitness or wellness?
  • Join the conversation in social media or join our Private Facebook Group here

In Conclusion

Habits can be changed.  You can recreate better habits to lose weight, improve your health and simply feel and look better.  There is nothing like the feeling of crushing a habit that you thought would be a super struggle.  Think of the finish line. I’m dishing out tons of amazing Tidbits, coaching and my journey in my FIT Insider.


Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves

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