Sugar cravings and protein powder were a few of the questions I got from our Fit4Females Community on social media.  I did a live training video on exactly how to get control of your time and weight.  My goal is to get you consistent with new habits and finally feel freaking amazing with this healthy sugar recipe and our protein powder breakdown.

You asked, I answered!

I would really appreciate it if you click this link to answer these 4 short questions of how I can help you best. Here’s the skinny on sugar cravings, protein and time management.

Q:  What kind of Protein Powder should I have?

Protein is so important for your body. Be careful with protein powders.  I choose plant based protein powder and I want it to be NSF certified.  It took me years to find a plant based protein powder that I love and even kids can have.  I haven’t drank whey protein or whey protein isolate for 10 plus years.  This is the one I choose.  It’s guaranteed clean and the highest third party testing.  Many powders have fillers and that it what you want to avoid.

Q:  What do you have when you crave sugar?

I’m a crunchy salt person so my go to is “chips or nachos”.  When a sugar craving hits, I pull these Crunchy Chocolate Bites out of my freezer.  I make them ahead and they do the trick. Sugar is terrible for your body, skin and so addictive.  Make sure what you eat is worth it.

Sugar, salt and fat, are you eating too much?  Read more here.

Click here for healthy snacks I love.

Click here for Protein Energy Bites


Trina’s Kick Sugar Cravings Tidbits

  1. Have a homemade juice to fuel up with healthy calories and never go hungry
  2. Click here for Protein Energy Bites
  3. Drink 1 glass of water when you crave sugar *try my Lemon Detox Water or add fruits, cucumbers, etc to flavour it
  4. Get away from the snacks
  5. Fill up on fibre whenever possible, you can never eat enough veggies
  6. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you just don’t want it.  It’s ok to stand out because chances are your choice will make someone else think twice
  7. Splurge on sugar “something” but not everything *make it something you really want
  8. Don’t eat until your pants are too small, pay attention

Q:  What do you buy and how do you meal prep?

I batch cook Sundays which gets me until Thursday.  This is exactly how I organize my Healthy Meal Prep for a family of five.  Here is a look inside my fridge to see how I organize a healthy meal plan.


Get Control of your Time & Weight 

Click here for my 5 minute training on time management and weight loss tips.  This is exactly what I do every day and how I was able to lose 20 pounds.  It is also a great way for you to prioritize exactly what is most important to you.

Each day that you wake up is another opportunity to choose a better life, better thoughts and who and what you spend your time on.  I know you are going to love this training.


Better Breakfast Veggie Sandwich

I am a creature of habit eating the same breakfast daily which is Chia Pudding Jars with homemade jam.  This week, I switched to this Veggie Club Sandwich on gluten free bread.

Catch me on Instagram daily with lots of meal prep, fitness, food and tidbits if you want. Plan your breakfast the night before. Your brain will relax more at night and this ensures you have all of the ingredients and that you actually eat breakfast.

In Case You missed it

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Trina’s Final Tidbits:

My 10 Day Lean and Clean is a fabulous place to start if you want workouts, recipes and little mini tasks to do every day for 10 days to kickstart your journey.  Check it out here.

Our Fit4Females Fit Insider has lots of tips, recipes and workout.  Stay tuned here


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