Healthy snacks are important for your health and weight loss journey.  This Live Training Video covers staples for healthy snacks that I want you to have in your house available for you and your kids if you have them.  This Facebook Live was a great success with lots of positive feedback.  Get notified of my Live Sessions here.  Diving into seeds, smoothies, cinnamon and fat.  Talking about how to make basic snacks a bit healthier.

Healthy Snacks & Non Dairy Recipes

30 minute Live Coaching Session with Trina Medves and answering your questions.

Healthy Snack Categories I love 

  1. Seeds *For example pumpkin, sunflower, chia, flax, hemp
  2. Smoothies *click here for my favourites
  3. Cinnamon and Nut Butters *cinnamon slow the blood sugar rush and nut butters are excellent for fat

Make a Plan for Healthy Snacks

What you bring into your house is what you will eat.  Choose wisely on your grocery trip.

  1. Prep a list of your favourite snacks on the fridge *get everyone involved try to incorporate nuts, seeds, nut butters and cinnamon
  2. Be super mindful when you eat *find better ingredients, make a better choice for your snack, sit with the cravings and acknowledge your food triggers

Helpful Tidbit:  I love roasted pumpkin seeds or sunflower in a cast iron pan with pink Himalayan sea salt.  My favourite back up snack.  Store them in a mason jar to eat on their own or on top of yogurt, salads, smoothies and muffins.  I also like them raw.


Healthy Snacks my Favourite go to Recipes

I have these on hand weekly in my home.  Make what you can in advance so you are prepped.  I love to use a hot drink or coffee as a snack.
  1. Give the Cow a Break Dairy Free Smoothies including after eight milkshake, click here for the five recipes that I love, grocery list for smoothie items and healthy detox tips
  2. Chocolate Protein Muffins *no gluten or dairy recipe here
  3. Immune Boosting latte no caffeine, recipe here
  4. Chia Oat Jar recipe on hand *half of an entire one if not that hungry – you could also do Oat Jars *filled which chia and hemp seeds
  5. This Guacamole recipe with veggies or crackers *hummus to switch it up
  6. Salted Almond Protein Bars *click here for recipe, make ahead and freeze
  7. Banana Muffins recipe here *gluten free and vegan
  8. Three additional Snacks I love, click here
  9. Apple with any nut butter and cinnamon *to pumpkin or sunflower if allergic to nuts
  10. Make little travel packs of dates, nuts and seeds
  11. Chickpeas roasted *you can buy a good brand if you don’t want to do them yourself – I have both dry which I make in my Instapot pressure cooker and I use BPA canned


Healthy Snacks Tidbits

Get mindful with your eating. Why are you eating it?  Are you bored? How much do you need to fill you up? Need an entire smoothie or will a half serving do?

Pre-workout snacks aim for healthy sugars that are easily digestible like dates, fruits, quick smoothie.  Higher sugar, you don’t want anything heavy because your body will be digesting rather than sending the blood to the muscles so you can rock your workout.

Post workout you can fuel up with carbs, fat and protein.

Coach Q&A Session from our F4F Community

“Do you roast your seeds right after you buy them or closer to when you’re going to consume them?”

Mostly in advance and store in a mason jar.  I roast my pumpkin and sunflower seeds weekly so I have them prepped in a jar.
  • Put them in a cast iron pan and sprinkle pink Himalayan sea salt in it (no water or oil needed)
  • Set it on low and they sort of “pop” like popcorn
  • Careful not to burn
  • Use seeds for salads, muffins and to eat on their own plus making those protein power packs that I showed in the video above

They will stay fresh in a jar so I would say it depends on how much you use them.  It only takes a couple of minutes for them to start popping like popcorn so it doesn’t take very long if you want to wait until last minute.

“At night, I always crave a little something in the evening when the kids are finally in bed and it’s ‘me’ time!”

As a Mom, I can relate to winding down “thank goodness the kids are in bed now it’s Mama time“.  This is just a trigger and habit that can be broken.  We parents are rewarding ourselves for a crazy day. You are not a dog so do not reward yourself with food.

Read this “How to Change Habits and Triggers 

  • Figure out what your go to craving is and why you are reaching for treats and snacks. First, sit with it.
  • Second, make healthier snacks and see if that fills the craving.
  • I replaced Wine with Kombucha.
  • For hot drinks try my Immune Boosting latte no caffeine, recipe here or chicken broth (both help you sleep).

In Conclusion

Healthy snacks on hand are important to have in your car, at home and in your purse/bag for on the go.  It’s too easy to reach for things like chips, cookies, crackers and carb stuff that is easily accessible in your kitchen.
A little bit of planning and making some grab and go recipes in advance will help your fitness, weight loss and health goals.  No more snacking on the couch late at night watching Netflix.  Goodbye wine and chips.  Try this:
  • Reach for my Chocolate Protein Muffins
  • Cut back your snack time by 15 minutes every day so you can be more rested at bed time
xo Trina Medves

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