Lose body fat, weight and feel great is our live Coaching Session with Trina Medves today.  Show up live on Facebook, to catch me coaching, answering your questions and helping you along the way.  Get the notifications of my Live Sessions here.  I want ot help you lose body fat and weight if you need it.  Check out the questions I answered below from our community and let’s start losing body fat together.

Lose Body Fat, Weight and Feel Great 

30 minute Live Coaching Session with Trina Medves and answering lots of Community questions.

#1 Decide “Enough is Enough”

If you want to lose body fat, weight and change your life do this:

  • What do you want to achieve?  Lose 5 pounds?
  • Write down “I no longer want to feel this way anymore and I will feel like this instead”
  • Finally hit the goals you’ve been setting but failing
  • All of your passed failures are done and over with, “oh well, I failed and now I’m restarting
  • The hot mess you feel like today, decide “I will not stay stuck here

I lost 20 pounds this year.  I was right in the middle of a very stressful medical scare followed by my Brain Surgery Biopsy.  Stressed like never before, I was reaching for chips, wine, carbs and skipping workouts here and there.

The results were exhaustion, mood swings, bloating, weight gain, feeling “swollen” and my sleep sucked.

My solution

  • “Decide” how I wanted to feel instead
  • What are you going to eat?
  • When are you going to workout?
  • Replace what you are doing now with what you want to feel like today and tomorrow.
  • I always start back small so I love my 10 Day Lean and Clean (which I’ve done many times over and over again).


Jenn Decided “Enough was Enough”

Jenn shared on the Facebook Live that she started eating better and working out “when I got pregnant, I ended up getting gestational diabetes.  I had to take my blood sugar 4x a day and take insulin 2x a day.  After the baby, I decided to change because I don’t want to live a life with diabetes if it’s my choice.  I want my kids to have a healthy, happy mom and I want them to see me workout, eat healthy and it be second nature to them. I want them to join me. I’m going to struggle now so they don’t have to later.”  Let that inspire you!

#2 Identify “Where are you at today?”

  • People, habits, triggers and things that make you tick
  • Get control of excuses and old habits – what are you procrastinating?
  • Once you identify triggers and old habits, know that they will come for you daily but you will make a plan
  • Remind yourself that these are old behaviours and habits.  Create new ones.
  • Look at your food, diet and meal plan *what one thing can you change” today to lose a half of a pound this week
  • Is exercise happening?  When can you fit it in?
  • Stress is high, sleep is low and you are gaining weight
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable in your goals and plan – you know it will be hard and you are ok with that

Grab a pen and paper and identify what things will come up, what people will get in the way and what obstacles you are going to face in the day that will stop you.

What do you want to accomplish?  If you did the work in step 1, decide, you will be able to identify what you need to do to get it done.

#3 Plan and Purge

Ditch the wine, sugar, chips and excuses and plan to treat yourself on a day instead of on the regular.  Purge people pantry items that aren’t serving your goal plans.
  • Purge time suckers and replace with Top 3 Priorities
  • Plan 3 small things daily and spend only 10 minutes doing them *these should relate to the top 3 key priorities in your life for example:  if health is my key priority, 3 small things daily could be 10 minutes of movement, 10 minutes organizing my night and morning routine and drinking 1000ml of water
  • Accomplishing 3 easy things daily makes you feel motivated and good about yourself
  • Tell someone else and grab accountability partner.  Fitness classes help tremendously because of the group accountability and routines
  • Stop wasting time Read 3 Ways to Immediately Find more time here 

Coach Q&A Period from our Community

Why am I gaining weight now that I am eating better and working out?

First I would ask:
  • Do you need to gain weight?
  • Are you under weight?
  • If the answer is no, I would look at your food diary, workout plan, stress, sleep and ask questions about your time management.
Clients say “I’m eating right and working out“.
  • Part of the issue can be working out too much, not eating the right food for your body at the right time, stress and sleep.
  • Sleep is when your body is healing from the workout and food you ate.
  • Rest is the time we let go of fat, heal and restore.
  • Daily chronic stress releases lots of cortisol and things like being a mom, working full time, commuting, taking care of others and your mindset can dump all over your weight loss efforts.
  • What is your brain telling you in your life.
  • Cortisol can make you fat and when you have too much, you keep pumping and your abdomen gets bigger and bigger.

My stomach always has looked bloated, what am I doing wrong?  Is it a food intolerance?

Bloating is not normal.  We think it is because “I always drank milk my entire life”.  If you eat and feel like you are pregnant after it’s your body telling you that it’s not good.
  • Digestive upset if a signal to pay attention to the foods that you are eating.
  • Do an elimination diet.
  • Cut it out for a while and reintroduce it.
  • Quinoa does not agree with my stomach but it’s a super food for so many.
  • Food should give you energy, not leave you feeling bloated and it should make you glow and feel energized.
  • Read 5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat 

How can you lose weight if you have stress that you can’t get rid of for now?

Simply put, surrender and acknowledge.  The more stress you have and don’t process, the more belly fat you will have.

  • Take time to meditate, stop and pay attention to the feelings of stress
  • Full deep breaths when stress hits
  • Change what you say to yourself “I am so stressed right now but I’m going to breathe
  • Stop and say “I am only going to control what I can”
  • Accept and be where you are and control only what you can
  • #1 control what you think
  • #2 control what you eat
  • #3 control how you move your body

You can lose body fat because you are in control of your life.  Do not give the power away. What you think about the stress and if it sticks around is all up to you.  Say “shield up”.  Put your armour up for the day.  Imagine a “cape or shield” getting you ready for battle and helping you control what you can.


In Conclusion

Weight loss and fitness is not a struggle.  It is a learning experience and we need to speak more kindly to ourselves.  Your mindset is key in your success.  Know that you can do it.  Stand up and decide that you will win and crush your goals.  Identify what you need to change and what might get in the way.  Plan to take action and follow through.  Lastly, plan to get back on the journey when you get side tracked from your plan.  Come to our Fit4Females In Studio classes, we can help.
xo Trina Medves

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