The reason you fail diets, food, workouts and goals is simple.  You “can’t do it, you had a bad day and it was hard“.  The going gets tough and you give up, give in and fail at your goals.  Saying “I can’t” leads to failure every time.  Meet me live on Facebook, where I coach and answer any questions you have related to Health and Fitness.  Get the notifications of my free Live Sessions here.

Failed Diet, Food, Workouts, Goals and Life?

15 minute live Coaching Session with Trina Medves.  You have to sit with the urges, feelings and pay attention to what’s going on.  Then make a roadmap.  Your failed diet and workouts can be undone.

You fail because I can’t  “is negotiable”.  You negotiate “oh well, screw it, I already ate the cookies, cupcake and drank the wine so who cares“.  I can’t equals no change.

At our In Studio Classes, ladies were complaining about failed diet and life issues:
  • Drinking wine at 9pm when the kids go to bed
  • Too many snacks on the couch
  • Mommy deserves this reward
  • I reach for caffeine and sugar at work
  • My workouts aren’t regular
  • My brain won’t shut off to sleep
  • I eat junk food, no veggies and Diet Coke
  • Pop instead of water

What you say, Trains your Brain

You need to reset the hard drive.  The things you tell yourself, trains you to succeed or fail.  The number one reason we fail the diet and fitness plan is simply a bad day and you “negotiate” your goals.  You are going to stop failing your personal, fitness, health, food, life and work goals now.  It doesn’t matter if bananas make you fat, high fat, low fat, no carbs, more carbs. None of that matters if you can’t stop what you are doing in the middle of the action of eating, skipping workouts, drinking pop, alcohol and other sneaky habits.  What makes you not eat it? This brings me to Tidbit number one.

#1 Sit with Food, Urges and Feeling

Acknowledge what comes up with the urge to “do or not: do something:

  • How are you feeling at the moment the urge comes to break out the cookies, wine, food, skip your workout?
  • What’s happening when you feel the afternoon crash
  • This is my “reward”, I deserve this
  • Sit with the urge and have no expectations of yourself.  Simply pay attention to what comes up.
  • What feelings are associated with “wanting the food or skipping the workout”?
  • Tell yourself daily: “I’m going to sit with my urge for sugar, slacking, excuses and the feelings that come with everyone driving me crazy

#2 Your Daily Plan is the Roadmap

Make a daily plan to succeed. Fitness and food plan? Google and Siri don’t know where to take you if you don’t have a daily plan.  Daily practice something like:
  • What will you eat today?
  • Track your food
  • When is your workout happening?
  • When is bedtime?
  • Schedule your Top 3
  • Accountability with making your road map – What do you need to do or NOT do every day to achieve your goal
  • Forget losing 5 pounds.  Focus on one small thing you have to do to lose half pound this week
  • Failed diet?  No problem.
  • Workout not happen?  Start over. Period.
  • Sucking at your goals?  Reroute your roadmap.


The Reason People Fail Diets, Fitness & Goals

Chalk it up to a bad day, it’s that simple.  Your internal conversation goes something like this:
  • I don’t care, screw it
  • You justify it and make it totally negotiable
  • A “bad day, long day and stressful day” got you stressed and off track
  • You tell yourself that your meal plan, workouts, wine, goals are all negotiable
  • The sugary treats got the better of you.  Put down the sugar!  Meet me live every week on Facebook and let’s reset.

66 Days to Change

It’s not 28 days, research shows it’s 66 days to change a habit. Lots of practice, patience and kindness with yourself.  Screw perfection. Start with the one thing that stresses you out most and take mini steps. Replace I can’t with:
  • “I’m doing it”
  • “I can”
  • “I’m working on it”
  • “I’m making progress”
  • “I’ve got this”
Any of these words will change the bad habit and your brain chemistry.  If you need Fitness in your life, come to Fit4Females In Studio classes, we can help.  Until next time, remember that you are enough, you can do this and you need to start telling yourself that you are a rock star.
xo Trina Medves

In Conclusion

To wrap up, sit with your urges and feelings and then make a daily plan – road map.  Success is all about small steps that become habits.  you have the choice whether they are good or bad habits.  It’s never to late to start over.
Get notice here for my free Live Trainings with workouts, recipes and so much more.  Until next week, take action and move forward.

xo Trina Medves

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