How to stick to workouts is a question I get asked a lot. Are you struggling with your fitness routine? I have four tips to finally stick to your workouts and fitness routine.  Permission to kick your excuses like “I don’t have time, money, I have to get in shape first” and finally get the body and life you want.  Practice makes perfect and I have no doubt that when you implement these tips you will be well on your way to losing weight, getting stronger and crushing your workouts. You got this champ 🙂

How to Stick to Workouts with Trina Medves

Let’s get real, it’s not easy but it’s possible for you to stick to workouts.  I know you can do it so watch this my Fitness Friend.

#1 Get started or start over again

  • You just need to start or start over again if you fell off the “fitness bandwagon”.  How to stick to workouts?  Just commit or re-commit
  • Failed your New Years resolution?  Start over!
  • Not going to group fitness classesSign up and get to it!
  • Donating to a gym that you are not actually going to? Start going or better yet, cancel and sign up for our Group Fitness Programs which are proven to give you success because of the accountability.
  • You are not a failure if you quit before.  Crush fear and failure and start over today.

#2 Get an Accountability Buddy, Coach or Group Fitness Team

  • Find a friend, coach or group fitness class friends to keep you accountable
  • Tell them “I am going to Boot Camp, having a workout or heading to the gym“.
  • Tell everyone, post it on social media for accountability
  • The simple act will make you feel “positive peer pressure” and you won’t want to let anyone or yourself down


#3 Do what you like to do 

  • How to stick to the workout if you hate it?  Remind yourself it’s good for you and do it
  • Join a class for accountability
  • What is the best exercise?  Whatever you like to do!
  • Stick to my free workouts here
  • Find what workouts you like and do them

#4 Discipline for the Win

Don’t wait for motivation to show up.  As a result, you must practice discipline which is the act of doing it when you don’t want to do it.  MAKE yourself do it because it’s good for you.  Don’t wait to be motivated to workout, go for a walk, eat better or do anything.

  • Discipline will lead to healthy habits
  • Do it because it’s good for you
  • Make it happen
  • Do it when you are tired, even though you don’t have time, money or your kids and family is keeping you busy – do it anyway

“I want to get in shape before I come”

This is the biggest complain I hear at Fit4Females when people want to join.  That is absolutely crazy so NO WAY girl!  You don’t need to get in shape first, you  just need to come and see us and we will support you to get in the shape that you want! We are full of ladies all shapes and sizes and all fitness abilities.  We are waiting for you just to fit right in with the shape you have right now.


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Final Tidbits

Read this next, it’s four free workouts for you and a calendar for the week.

Working out helps you lose weight, boosts your mood, metabolism, hormones, it fights osteoporosis and well, I have no good reasons for you not to workout.  Commit and follow through.

Which tidbit above do you need to implement right now to stick to your workouts?  Leave me a comment below with your biggest struggle with your workouts.

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xo Trina Medves

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