Do you struggle with body fat?  Those unwanted thighs, bye bye arms and belly fat?  We complain a lot about body fat.  Here is a video sharing four tips that you can do to get rid of body fat.  Myth:  You cannot reduce body fat so forget trying.  However, exercise will help reduce body fat so jump in with me and let’s punch fat in the face forever.

body-fat-lose-weightHow to Reduce Body Fat

Four tips that you can start to practice today to reduce stubborn body fat and punch fat in the face.  Muscle is smaller and more dense in your body than fat is.  Five pounds of fat versus muscle weighs the same but it looks much different because muscle takes up less real estate in your body.  Read 8 Benefits of Muscle here.

Coach Trina Talks “How to Reduce Body Fat”

#1 Move your Body 10 min a day 

You are busy but you have to make you a priority.  Commit to 10 minutes with me for the next 14 days.  Any movement counts.  Move that body daily and your body will reduce fat.  Start with this amazing 10 minute workout that you can download free here.

Body weight exercises and resistance training with dumbbells and bands are great for your body.  You don’t have to throw around heavy weights but you do have to make sure the intensity is hard for you.

Tidbit: The more you sweat during a workout, the fitter you are.  Sweat is your body ridding itself of toxins and that’s what you want to reduce body fat.


#2 Drink more Water

If you are even mildly dehydrated, your body cannot get rid of fat, toxins and do what it needs to do to get you lean.  Urine should be pale in colour and odourless.

Read this How do I know if I’m drinking enough water.  Try this amazing Lemon Detox Water to rev up your metabolism and reduce body fat.


The day after a workout, your weight might be up on the scale.  Your weight is not really “up”, it’s because you have done “good damage” to your body and you will be carrying a bit more water weight.

Flavour water with lemon, citrus, cucumbers, fruit and whatever is tasty.

#3 Get to Sleep Earlier

Shut down Netflix, social media and get to bed.  Sleep is when your body gets rid of fat, recovers from your workouts and gets you lean.  Read my Four Sleep Tidbits here.

Sleep is when your workout efforts come to fruition.  You belly shrinks, your muscles get toned and you get strong inside and out.

#4 Lose the Booze

Cut back on alcohol.  Reduce what you are drinking in alcoholic calories.  Isn’t wine a reward when your kids go to sleep? It sure was for me and hundreds of Moms I know.

When you drink alcohol and wake up the next day for a workout, you will not be burning what you want.  All of your efforts for your workout will go to burning up the toxins from the alcohol you enjoyed last night.

What is your drinking trigger?  Replace the habit with another habit that gives you the same feeling.  Read how to Attack your Triggers and Habits here.

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I Believe in You!

I’m 5 months post Brain Surgery Biopsy so I shared an honest video and post on Instagram about where I’m at.  My journey is to continue to share my Tidbits and expert Fitness Tips so that you can feel fit, happy and healthy.  Some days you just need someone to remind you” you got this, I believe in you“. =====> press the arrows on the image to scroll through my video post.

“You’ve got this and I believe in you”, even if you don’t believe in yourself


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Final Tidbits

Get started with my 10 Day Lean and Clean program for less than $1 a day.

Move your Body with this 10 minute workout that you can download free here.

Drink more Water:  How do I know if I’m drinking enough water.  Try this amazing Lemon Detox Water to get your body to rev up your metabolism and reduce body fat.

Get to Sleep Earlier:  Read my Four Sleep Tidbits here.

#4 Lose the Booze: Read how to Attack your Triggers and Habits here.

I believe in your ability to make yourself a priority, lose body fat and crush your goals.  I am all over social media so come and find me and let me know how you are going gorgeous.

xo Trina Medves

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