Canfitpro Toronto conference gave me fear and resistance.   I hesitated travelling for my 3 Day Fitness canfitpro Toronto Conference because of internal dialogue.  When fear shows up, remember it’s just an emotion you can change. You can rewire your brain. I am 4 months post Brain Surgery Biopsy so a lot came up for me leaving for canfitpro Toronto, read my 4 month update here.  You are not a slacker, your brain is.  Watch this video to understand.

Canfitpro Toronto “You are not a slacker, your brain is”

Your brain wants to:

  1. Seek pleasure
  2. Avoid pain
  3. Do it in the least amount of energy possible

When you don’t want to workout it can be because it can cause “physical and emotional pain and it exerts energy”.  When you can’t put down the wine, chocolate or late night snacking, it’s not your fault.  You are wired that way.   The brain gets pleasure from eating or drinking, it avoids pain and it takes little “energy” to plow through ice cream, chips, chocolate and wine and it feels oh so good.

Afterwards, it is feelings of guilt and fear of failing again tomorrow because you repeat the same patterns.  You have to replace it with something that gives you the same pleasure as when you drink the wine or eat that not so awesome for you snack.

Canfitpro Toronto and Fear holds you back 

Once we recognize fear, we can change it.  This is what wanted to hold me back from attending my conference:

Answering People

The hard question”how are you doing Trina with your treatment and disease after your brain biopsy” I don’t have answers because we aren’t sure if treatment is working.

Being off Routine

Food prep, sleep, meditation, keeping my mind right, travelling with so much medication.  Here’s how I prep for travel, download my Fit Traveller here.

Dining out and being exposed to gluten

This totally happened, I got sick so I’m drinking this and taking lots of probiotics to heal my gut and reduce inflammation.  Stupid restaurant gave me gluten!

Leaving my comfy bed

Your brain is stressed when out of your sleep environment.  It thinks you are being attacked by new smells and noises so you don’t sleep well.

You grow outside of your comfort zone


My mentor Todd Durkin and I, Coach Trina Medves

I pushed through fear, attended and learned a lot, saw familiar faces and got clear on my message to you.

“Make yourself your top priority and everything else will fall into place”

  • Punch fear in the face by taking action- one small step every day that’s it
  • Get your mind right!
  • Failing before does not define you for tomorrow
  • Coach yourself out of your fear and ask yourself “what good will come of this if I do it”

Breathe and find a BUDDY


Take Action with one of these:

Now is the start of an awesome you.  Grab a buddy to do this:
  • Find someone to call you out on what you say you are “going to do”
  • Join a fitness, class, get an accountability
  • Fit4Females – workout for free if you have never been, come together
  • Pick one habit to change and be consistent with practice for 30 days
  • Stand in TREE pose above and be the rock star that I know you are!
Fear is just an emotion and you can completely change it.
Trina Medves xoxo


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