I am 4 months post Brain Surgery Biopsy and fighting my disease every day. I celebrated with a three day Toronto Fitness and Health Conference with canfitpro. My medical team and I still have no idea if my treatment is working.  It will be a few months before we know. Stay tuned as I share what I learned so you can improve your life.  Below are the results of exactly what our Fit4Females Community struggles with. We can all relate and overcome the fear of all of it. You’ve got this champ.

Brain Biopsy 4 month celebration:  Surround yourself with epic people that lift you up

I celebrated at canfitpro with sweat, learning, lifting and crying because I am so grateful for life and every minute matters.  ⬅️ Swipe the little arrows to the end to see how far I’ve come. 48 hours post brain Biopsy and post workout hair malfunction.  Tidbit:  Spend more time with people who are a bit ahead of you and are incredibly inspiring.  My disease is not going away, it’s incurable but I have a choice to live now and control what I can with food, fitness, sleep and mindset.  I will share it all with you here.


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Survey Says: Community Feedback

The comments in our survey make us realize we are so alike.  This is what our Fit4Females Community struggles with most:

Which do you struggle with most? We’ve got you!


Real Struggles: Can you relate?

Any of this sound familiar?  These comments came up multiple times by so many, I struggle with:
  • “Anxiety”
  • “Consistency in healthy eating and snacks, constant “grazing” instead of 3 meals and 2 snacks”
  • “Time management, I don’t make workouts or myself a priority
  • “Finding the time and energy to workout other than my F4F class”
  • “Finding time in a busy schedule for exercising and eating healthy foods”
  • “Consistently maintaining a regular exercise routine and healthier snacking”
  • “Eating healthy, snacking on junk food at night, doing regular workouts. I don’t know. I don’t even call them workouts anymore, it’s just moving my body.”
  • “Making exercise a priority”
  • Making myself and workouts a priority”
  • “Work stress”
  • “Body image and negative self talk”
  • “Knowing how to eat healthy”
  • “Consistently exercising and sugar intake”

I’m going to address your struggles with solutions so you feel better.  Get the inside scoop emails here.


In Case You Missed it 

Final Tidbit Recap: 

  • We are more alike then we realize
  • Spend time around people that support you and will hold you accountable
  • Surround yourself with epic people that lift you up
  • Fitness and movement is a game changer
  • Get your mind right and everything else will follow

The only difference between you and me is consistency and action.  I am doing it and I know you can too.

xo Trina

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