The best way to lose weight, is being so fed up, not wanting to feel that way anymore and you take action.  You do not have to workout seven days a week, sign up for crazy programs and cut calories to 1500 or less a day.  That’s crap information on the internet.  Make a decision in your mind that you are absolutely fed up with where you are right now and implement my Tidbits to lose weight. Join my free challenge here.

Best Way to Lose Weight with Coach Trina

4 Things to Lose Weight

  1. Move your body however you can – try a free class with us of course
  2. Bring better food in your kitchen
  3. Get better sleep *stop sacrificing sleep because it’s aging you and filling your body with fat
  4. Reduce chronic stress about losing weight and that alone helps decrease the stress of holding on to fat

Drop your Excuses and Fear

I was full of excuses busy with 3 kids, a full time job running a Business and Team, laundry, groceries, cooking, cleaning, personal duties, the list goes on.  All filling my days with stuff.  I am doing my Food, Fitness and Better Habits challenge to lean up.  Click here to join free, I will email you tips weekly.

You have to be fed up with your body, aches and pains, of saying you will start tomorrow and with how tired and awful you feel.  I had so many excuses for everything that wine, chips, burying myself in work and distractions were my thang!

Until I got a wake up call 

I wish I could say I always put myself first but taking care of my amazing clients and BIZ took over because I LOVE my job. Now I have set major boundaries for myself.  I had a 19 month long medical scare that I am right in the middle of now after my Brain Surgery Biopsy diagnosis.

“You gotta feel so bad and not want to feel that way anymore”

When you are not working out, eating right and getting the sleep you need, you are telling your brain and body that your health is not important.  F*CK that!  Health is everything!  Take it from me.  I am so heavy into treatment right now and I don’t want you to have a bad wake up call.

Best Way to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

I gave myself a wake up call, made workouts, food and sleep a priority.  It wasn’t easy but it’s paying off ten fold.  I’m getting tons of compliments about:
  • My skin
  • My eyes being so clear
  • I look lean and fit and so on
  • My muscle mass has grown and body fat decreased
  • I lost 15 pound of fat, inflammation and stress
My goal was not to look better, it was to feel better and take my health seriously.  Having a Community of people to support you is EPIC!  Fit4Females and I am here to support you. Jump on board a Free class with us or our free Online Challenge.

3 months post Surgery for Brain Biopsy 


It’s NOT Easy for me

Before you say “yeah but it’s easy for her, that’s what she does for a living“.  I’m getting major treatment right now and full of medical appointments, blood work and uncertainty.  My treatment medication is making me sick, messing with my brain chemistry, emotions, I’m tired and I have really bad days.  I’m fighting my new diagnosis of this disease and I have lots to feel really crappy about.  In conclusion, it’s all about your mindset and decisions.

Food, fitness and better habits must be your first priority so take action because you are the best project you will ever work on. Decide when you are “indulging” and have an “indulge meal”. Wine, chocolate and chips are not off limits, they can live in your life.

Fit4Females Community

Let’ do this together.  Keep me posted about what changes you are making, your frustrations and anything you are stuck on.  I’m all over social media and it’s not hard to find me 🙂

xo Trina

Final Thoughts

  • What do you struggle with most right now, I would love to know below.
  • You have to feel so bad you are desperate for change
  • You might fail but who cares because if you live another day, you get to try again
  • Join us In Studio Classes or Online Workouts and make it a PRIORITY
  • Start now, sign up for a FREE class.
  • Schedule your Top 3 small things to immediately improve your life

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