Being busy is a way to distract ourselves and cope but it’s not a way of life.  Filling your day with a bunch of “to do’s” makes stress and health worse.  It’s a distraction and pushes problems down until they spontaneously combust.  We wear “being busy” like a badge of honour but it leads to exhaustion and resentment.   Disease, distraction and stress is on the rise so we must prioritize.  Replace “I’m so busy“with “I choose things that are important to me“.  Those words are a game changer.  Lately I’m struggling to get out of bed due to my Brain Surgery biopsy, diagnosis and treatment.  If you struggle to so, here are my Tidbits to help you.

Busy Stress is not a way of life

Can you relate to stress, anxiety or feeling sometimes like “life sucks”?

Quickie Tidbits

  • Can’t get out of bed? Do a countdown 3, 2, 1, get out of bed, make the bed and then pay attention to your emotions and mood.  I know you can relate to stress taking you down a dark road which causes exhaustion.  Awareness is the answer to breaking habits
  • Replace busy with scheduling YOU first and your Top 3 small things to immediately improve your life
  • Today’s Top 3: I wrote down something I was grateful for and then planned a walk, meditation and workout.
  • Another Top 3 example:  Make your bed, 5 minutes alone time just breathing and get to bed on time

STOP doing this:

  • Stop self medicating with distractions, a busy to do list, social media, food, sugar, alcohol, emotional eating, over and under exercising and everything else
  • Avoid saying yes too much:  We validate ourselves by saying yes too often which makes us feel “important”.  Saying yes to something is a no for something else (usually YOU time suffers first).  Not honouring you first means you are not important *say no and replace with better routines and rituals – I break down what I do here
  • Wasting time: Identify time suckers: being busy is a distraction you need to stop and tackle breaking your Habits and Triggers

START doing this:

  • Allow feelings:  Recognize what’s going on and let those feelings out.  Set a time limit to “feel bad for X number of hours and then do something that makes you feel good. Allow yourself that time limit to be angry, cry and feel sorry for yourself then take a step in a positive direction, literally move your body somehow
  • Do it now, not later: Schedule things that make you feel good daily and repeat, here is how to Stop Procrastinating
  • Prioritize Top 3: Do 3 small things to move you forward in a healthier direction, here is exactly how to do that

routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationSchedule this Body Weight Workout

Schedule this 15 minute or less Body Weight workout as one of your Top 3 Priorities if workouts are a goal for you.  This is exactly the workout I did low impact style once I got clearance after my Brain Surgery.  It is body weight only but I added a mini band. The next day my booty, hamstrings and chest muscles were sore in a good way.

Click here for the full workout

Moms especially need YOU time

Wanted to give a huge shout out to our amazing Stroller Fitness moms!

As moms especially in the early days/months/years it can be so hard to show up for yourself when you’re tending to these wonderful, often loud, and demanding bundles of joy.

Taking “you” time is so important and while I have been told by others that some moms feel selfish doing things for themselves. I want to send a huge reminder out to all the moms taking care of you is a number one priority!

Working out at F4F allows for you to not only be with your babes but also be showing up for you! I love getting to know each of you and your little mini me’s in class.

Plus we end every Stroller Fitness class with a parachute and that is the best reward for finishing a good workout.

Final Thoughts

  • Stress is not going away but you can change your reaction to it.
  • Schedule your Top 3 small things to immediately improve your life
  • Avoid self medicating and distractions and replace it with noticing your feelings and allowing them without judgement
  • You might have tons of problems but your attitude shouldn’t be one of them.

Trina xo


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