Mental Health issues, depression and anxiety is on the rise.  As a Coach I see my clients suffer and I have too.  I shared my personal “I Survived Brain Surgery”story and I’m talking below about mental mindset struggles to help.  If you feel stressed, anxious, lost, depressed or overwhelmed, please read and watch below.  Firstly, you can live a happy life and there is help for you.  Secondly you are not alone.  Thirdly, do not feel embarrassed, tons of people are with you on what feels like a “lonely journey“.

Mental Health Struggles from Coach Trina

I shared these two video clips on my Instagram account from day 2 and 3 of my Brain Surgery.  Click on the little arrow to swipe to the next one and on mobile just swipe left.


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Mental Health Struggles 

As a Coach and Fitness Instructor, everyone thinks my life is perfect and things come easy but it’s not true.  I choose to redirect my thinking on down days and it takes mindset practice.

To say my mental health was and is still is seriously affected in the last 19 months from my medical nightmare is an understatement.  Now I am dealing with the reality of my diagnosis, which is incurable.

I’m not always smiling, there are lots of dark minutes, hours and days. People don’t always know what to say and that’s ok (on mobile, swipe left to see photos).


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Tidbits that help manage Mental Mindset 

These things have helped me personally and the clients I’ve coached over the years:

  • Therapy, mindset, meditation and refocusing helps and takes lots of practice.
  • Exercise!  Move your body and walk.  It changes your mood almost instantly free workouts here.
  • Kindness: Give yourself permission to feel it and truly heal.
  • Small positive goals: Plan your Top 3 Daily to improve your life.
  • Refocus and redirect your thinking.
  • Meditation has been a game changer for me.  I love this Calm app and I’m currently on a 46 day streak for meditating.  It has CHANGED my sleep, mood and life.  Start small, I do 10 minutes daily.
  • Help needed:  Contact a therapist, friends and family.
  • No shame: You are not alone, never feel embarrassed.

Mental Health Support

Above all, ask for help and get therapy.  I’ve lost both of my parents, had several traumas as a child and adult and suffered PTSD.  Therapy helped me out of dark places.  My children have been my life savers.  On down days, I surrender and remind myself of one thing that makes me happy.

Daily Tidbits that help:

  • Write down your Top 3 Daily.  These are non negotiable and are 3 things daily to get you closer to a goal of health and being happier.  Currently mine are #1 Meditate #2 Walk outdoors and #3 Read or listen to a podcast that is not work related
  • Here is how you can get super clear on your Top 3 Priorities
  • Write down your emotions, thoughts, behaviours – you start to notice a pattern
  • Daily:  List what you are grateful for.  It’s not always easy but it helps.


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In Conclusion

You are not alone.  Most importantly get help.  Above all your life matters and you have things to share with the world.  In order words, keep fighting champ and reach out for some love and reminders of why you are amazing when you forget. xo Trina

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