Here are my best health and weight loss tips for you to incorporate right now for better health and mindset. If you want to lose weight, have more time and reduce stress, practice these Tidbits daily.  It’s the exact formula I use to manage the chaos of my personal, family and work life. Start small and tell someone to hold you accountable.

Best Health and Weight Loss Tips

We make weight loss way too complicated.  I’ve trained thousands of people for almost 20 years and breaking it down makes it easier.  The hardest part is mindset. These tips are manageable and will help you create healthy habits for life.

Best Health Tips with Coach Trina

1: Train your Brain – Mental Fitness

Get your mindset right.  Constant stress causes weight gain by continually releasing the hormone cortisol.  Too much cortisol makes weight loss efforts impossible.  You can eat and workout perfectly and not lose weight if you continue to stress. Practice this daily:

  1. Choose better words: Identify problems, focus on solutions and train your brain for positive thinking.  Get this step right and your body will let go of fat naturally.
  2. Time Out:  Your brain is overworked.  Start with 5 minutes a day in silence, just you and your thoughts.  Dump thoughts on paper, it’s not pretty but it’s healing *I do this everyday, my Top 3
  3. Prioritize Time: What helped me was identifying my Time Suckers.  Let your brain know what is important and what is a distraction.

#2 Workout Priority – Physical Fitness

No surprise here.  It is 100% proven that moving your body alleviates stress and pumps out happy hormones.  Walk outdoors daily and set workout days.  Make it a habit like taking a shower.

  1. Plan 3-5 days of movement this week:  here are Tips to Get Started and a calendar of Four Workouts 
  2. Try this Quickie Tabata Workout 2x/this week
  3. 17 minute real time Workout for Legs, Shoulders and ABS *includes warm up, workout & cool down
  4. Cinco de Mayo is May 5, try this workout to celebrate
  5. Decide when your workout will be, write it down and make it happen no matter what

Click here 4 lots of FREE workouts.

#3 Nutrition – Food Fitness

The biggest secret is prepping meals in advance to avoid bad choices and a blood sugar crash.  I coach my clients to start simple with this:

  1. Lemon Detox water daily click here
  2. Breakfast, Lunch and Supper Ideas
  3. Meal Prep and my favourite soup click here
  4. Quick and Easy Instant Pot soup
  5. Start with my 10 Day Lean and Clean
  6. Pick 3 of these healthy recipes
  7. Write your week meal plan ideas in your calendar

One step at a time, practice, repeat and keep going.  Your job, family and life will take over.  Either let your life run you or decide to run your life.  I hope you love these best health tips.

Which of the three Tidbits above will be the most difficult to implement?  I would love to hear from you.

Trina xo

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