This week is my hospital bed advice to you that I wrote before I went for my surgery.  I’ve thought a lot about my life, work and my purpose.  Before writing this, I had no idea the outcome of this very scary surgery but I trained my mindset as hard as I would train my body and crush my workouts.  I treated my surgery and post hospital bed recovery like I would train for any workout or 5k run.  It might sound crazy but it works.  This week is honest, vulnerable and advice I really want you to implement.

Hospital Bed Advice from Me

#1:  Meditate & Get in Nature

I didn’t realize how anxious and busy I was until I committed to this daily.  5 Simple things you can do right now.
Spend a minimum of 5 minutes with yourself in silence or with a guided meditation.  Committing to this keeps me from depression and severe anxiety over this medical nightmare and dealing with life.
This is me and my son, out in nature, just being present with each other.  Spend time with those you love.   Here is 5 Simple things you can do right now.  Get healthy before you are ill or in a hospital bed.

#2 Move your Body

If your mobility ever gets taken away, you will wish so badly for exercise and movement.  Try any of these free workouts.  April 9 was my last workout for a while.  I am trading barbells, dumbbells and my boxing bag for healing, meditating and walking.
If you can move your body, do it for yourself and do it regularly because you are lucky you can.  Even from my hospital bed, I will be able to do something I just know it.
Pick ANY one of my free workouts and do it right now.

#3 Food is Energy: Pick a Recipe from Here

Forget the calories, diets and flooding of crap on the internet.   Eat, drink lots of water and pay attention to how you feel.  Food is not the enemy, it’s energy.
You do NOT need a diet!  Drink lemon water every day.  Eat foods that feel good and try any of these recipes here.  Calorie cutting won’t work long term.

Remember, life is going to throw awful things at you but you are capable of fighting back if you really get your mindset behind it.  I know because I have done it and I am currently doing it right now.  I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

Trina xo

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