Strong mind and body is very important.  When you hear from me next week, I will have gone through the biggest medical scare of my life.  I will share this crazy journey but for now, I am keeping it private for my kids.   I am scared, but I have a strong mind and I am clear about how I spend my time.  We complain too much about having “no time“.    Despite your daily stress, imagine waking up with a strong body and mind, feeling happy,  less bloated and energized.  Here are my Tidbits that are proven to work.


Strong Mind and Body Tidbits

You will make time for people and things that are most important to you.  When my best friend heard about my medical news, she booked a flight back five minutes into the call.   To have more time, you must first identify your Time Suckers. Second, you must prioritize daily your physical, mental and emotional self.   We say things like:
  • “I’m too busy!”
  • “No time to workout!”
  • “Can’t afford it!”
  • “I wish I had more time!”
You have time.  Stop wasting it on Time Suckers.   A strong mind and body must be focused on every day so set a goal for each. Start thinking differently about your time and implement one Tidbit below.

#1 Fitness:  Try any one of these Workouts

This is your physical body.  My definition of Fitness means moving your body daily.  Walk, dance, workout or do anything you can.  Modify if you are injured.  You do not need a crazy workout daily but you do need weights, walking, activities that increase your heart rate and stretching mindful work. Click here 4 lots of FREE workouts.

Coach Fitness Tip: 

Plan 3-5 days of movement for a minimum of 12 minutes.  Schedule it in your calendar.


#2 Nutrition: Click here 4 Free Recipes

What you feed your body affects your mood, skin, body fat and how you age.  Even more than that, it affects everything inside that you can’t see.  Choose foods that make you feel incredible and drink lots of water daily.  If it grew or walked on earth, enjoy lots.  If it came from a box – once in a while.

Coach Nutrition Tip:

Pick one or two recipes here to make this week.  Write down in your calendar what is for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Only choose one.  Click here to see how I prep my meals.


#3 Wellness:  Strong Mind

In my opinion, this is most important.  A strong mindset is everything.  Some days you have to modify your definition of strong *watch my video below.  Feel it, cry, laugh, love and make time for the emotional and mental side of yourself.  If you waste time, watch this video to identify time suckers.

Coach Strong Mind Tip:

The faster you get your mindset right, the faster your body will respond and let go of body fat.

Strong Mind and Body watch this:

Click here to Identify Time Suckers


You’ve got this Champ.  There is nothing more important than a strong mind.  What good does it do if your body is strong but your mind isn’t.  Practice these Tidbits and you will handle stress better.

Thanks for the love and leaving a comment.

Trina xo

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