Cookies, confidence and a complete breakdown.  You need all three in your life.  Trina’s Tidbits this week is honest coaching, a look at my back stage life and cookies from our amazing chef at Real Roots.  This medical situation is causing a complete breakdown in my mindset and physical body.  I am learning lessons I don’t want to be taught.  I hope to inspire change in you by sharing my story.  In case nobody told you today, you are amazing, I believe in you and I know that you have the ability to make your life better champ!

lose-weight-mindsetConfidence and Self Approval

Whatever you are looking for outside of yourself, you will never find it.  You are amazing but you need the confidence.  First, let’s build your internal confidence.  Only then can you look to others for some external confidence when you really need a reminder.  The majority of the time I want YOU to lift your own self up.  Here are a few proven strategies:

Here are a few proven strategies:

  • Stand tall, chest up, shoulders back and down every day – POWER POSE!
  • Constantly repeat “I am awesome, I am strong, I am amazing, I’ve got this” until you believe it.  You’ve told yourself horrible things that are not true your entire life and just like you believe those things, you will eventually believe the good things.
  • Surrender to the story in your head, acknowledge it and let it go.  It’s an old story that has no place in your present or future life
  • Own all of your flaws and fix the only ones you want too improve, read the Secret to Being Confident
  • Make a list of things you love about yourself and you are good at and do more of that daily
  • When all else fails, my Mom always told me “stand confident even when you don’t believe it.  Your body will believe you are confident and you will feel better.”
  • Read this, Screw Weight Loss I’m strong and Confident – Shelly
  • Forget the Diet and be more confident, read this

Me and my Mom


food-is-fuel-food-iconCookies Clean and Healthy for Anytime

My amazing friend Ashley at Real Roots created these quick grab and go breakfast cookies.  They will not only boost your mood but they will boost your energy.  Packed with protein, healthy fats, fibre and completely sugar free, they are a must make.  Click here for the recipe.  When you have a complete melt down below, you can reach for a cookie 🙂


Complete Melt Down

When everything feels like too much, you are entitled to a melt down. Give yourself a time limit to feel bad, cry, be angry or whatever it is you need to do.  After that, pick yourself up and take a small step in a positive direction.   This always brings me back  (3 small things).

The front end show of your life is what you want people to see.  The back stage is another story.  I recently had a total back stage meltdown waiting for the top doctor to review two of my huge scans.

This medical scare has me feeling sick, broken down and completely worn out.  I cried on the bed, took a breath, laid down, listened to my calm app and then fell asleep for the first 2 hour nap in 15 years.  Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

Let go of the “victim” mentality.  Being a victim gives your power away and you need it to heal.  I haven’t gone publicly with my medical condition because I don’t want to give it power, grow and take my power away.  Try this instead:

Here’s How to Recover from your Meltdown

  • Stay in the driver’s seat with your mindset, you are always in control of your thoughts
  • Be sad, feel it, smash it, crush it, heal it and pick yourself up and move forward
  • When your mindset is running away, find the things that bring you back to gratitude – write, sing, dance, scream, etc
  • Start listening to the internal dialogue
  • Workout and move your body
  • Sit 5 – 20 minutes a day in complete silence or meditate

Please tell me all your thoughts and give me some loving in the comments below!  I’m reading xo 


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