This car edition of Trina’s Transformation Tidbits is three Tips to Improve Health today in honour of my friend Nicola Jones who passed.  My husband and I went on a coffee date and shared the three things we do daily for top health.  This post is a  tribute to Nicola.  If you make it to the bottom, there are wise words from her. Health needs to be at the top of your list so commit to small changes today, forget tomorrow, do it now.

routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivation3 Tips to Improve Health Today

Small daily steps help shape your body, health and thoughts.  This quick five minute video shares three things you can do to improve your health immediately, feel better and catch the workout bug so you crave more. With three kids, a Fitness and Coaching Business and a huge list of clients suffering from weight issues, sleep problems and a never ending to do list, we had to share.

Tip #1 Move More to Improve Health


Tip #2 Drink More Water

Tip #3 Go to bed with Gratitude

  • Sleep is a struggle for many of us because we are stressed, and sleep issues that cause weight gain
  • Your brain is busy at night processing all of the things you didn’t do so let’s change that
  • To sleep better, write down things you are grateful for
  • Make a note of everything that went well today ie: you have a warm bed, a car, your health, a loved one
  • Your brain will change from stress to gratitude and give you more amazing things
  • Read 4 Sleep Tidbits here

motivationHonouring my friend Nicola who passed

Four years ago, my beautiful friend Nicola Jones passed from cancer. You may know her as the “famous” CHCH News TV Inspiration star as she brought life to all of us in the morning.  She left behind a beautiful boy named Christian. None of us can begin to imagine what that would be like. Nicola left behind a legacy of change that I always want to honour.

I have written a beautiful Tribute for you to read here. She will change your life from above with her words.  Nicola is one of my heroes, friends and one of the people that pushed me to grow in ways I never knew possible. I share something beautiful that she wrote before she passed:

Nicola’s Top Quotes:

All my life I have wanted to be a healer and to bring the light. I wanted to lift people up and be a force that drew us closer together. And so I have. Who knew in order to be a healer, I had to be sick? Yay me! I get to witness humanity at it’s finest, I get to be on the receiving end of prayer. Through my scary plot twist, we all become more courageous and more in love with each other. Yay you!! For following through, walking your talk- reaching out and being your best self. I love you even more now. I feel I have witnessed the very essence of you- and YOU are breathtaking – Nicola Jones?

Do the one thing you have been avoiding this week. Stare down that challenge you may normally take a wide step around because you lack the confidence or (you think) talent to do it. Skipping something because we won’t be the best at it only means we cheat ourselves out of knowing and experiencing ourselves a little deeper. Take that dance class, do a road trip alone, call that guy or …simply say no instead of yes. Take centre stage and screw the critics- this is your show!
Be fearless with me…push yourself and grow on. ” Nicola Jones?

What I love most about Nicola 

1- What I loved most about my friend was her incredible love and devotion to her son Christian. He was her everything and she loved him more than anything, I hope he has memories of the eternal love that his mother gave him. She did not fear death, only of leaving those close to her because she knew they would be changed forever.

2- My second favourite beauty of Nicola was her ability to love and bless people despite their flaws. Nic was a healer and truly changed my life. She made me look at things differently. It was her daily ritual to “bless people” everywhere. She reminded me to “meditate” which I admit I never did before our friendship. Nic was my “Meditation Boot Camp Trainer” and we agreed that we were the “Yin and Yang” missing in each others lives.

Her final words & post to the World

“My team of Doctors has told me that the only option is a high risk surgery, my tumour is the second largest they have performed this surgery on. I have decided to do it, I will die if I don’t so, I am going to fight. Thank you, I truly feel so loved and if this is my fate then I will go down fighting. Your prayers have lifted me to a stronger place of faith and trust and I am ready either way for what is to come. It may be a while til I check in now- but I want you to know YOUR love was my miracle.” October 16, 2014, Nicola Jones

Take a moment to appreciate her, read the incredible Tribute blog I wrote for her in the BIO above or GOOGLE Fit4Females Celebrating Nicola’s Life and Anniversary

She passed on October 19, 2014 in Mexico where she flew to get a miracle treatment. She never made it back to us. Have gratitude today for you life

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you. I truly love you for honouring and learning about my amazing friend Nicola Jones xo

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