Leakage, it’s an issue! It’s World Continence Week which is the perfect time for our FREE Myths and Mingle event talking about Women’s Health Issues. Find the details here. This weeks Trina’s Transformation Tidbits include a 12 minute workout for motivation, a super cute video of our Stroller Fitness and Mom and Baby Training Classes and information about World Continence Week. Exciting News! My 10 Day Lean and Clean Program is launching very soon. I dish out great weekly content, get on the list here. Here are some quickie Tidbit videos to get you motivated, inspired and taking action.

leakage-woman-continenceLeakage | World Continence Week Myths and Mingle event

Do you leak when you laugh, sneeze, cough or workout? Awareness is important and I’m here to educate you. Peeing your pants and leakage can be common but it’s not normal. We are hosting a FREE Myths and Mingle eventon Sunday, June 24 at 1pm. This event is for everyone, it’s not just for new Moms. Join us and hear Top Experts talk about leakage, painful intercourse, Mummy Tummy, diastasis recti, exercises to improve leakage and more. Our Speakers include myself, Trina Medves as the Fitness and Post Natal Expert, a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Doulas, Chiropractor, Naturopath and a group full of amazing women. This will be an intimate event so secure your spot and register now

routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivation12 Minute Workout for motivation

When strapped for time, shorten your workouts and up the intensity. You can grab the entire workout with warm up, sets and rounds here: I did Step Ups, Tricep Dips, Lateral Skaters, Mountain Runners and a Core Burner. These quickie workouts are great if time is an issue for you. Perform this workout at your highest intensity.


routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationStroller Fitness Mom and Baby Classes

Not all programs are created equal. Six weeks is NOT the green light to start pounding your body after delivering a human life. I wish someone had told me everything I know today when I had my first born. Lucky for you, I’m here to give you the best knowledge and training tips to rehab your post baby body safely. Take a look at our Stroller Fitness and try a FREE Class. Stroller Fitness Programs in the video below show a demo of all levels of training.

Tidbit Recap:

Fit4Females Focus Forward

  1. Meal plans, workouts and more with our Online 28 Day Shape Up challenge
  2. We won Best Boot Camp in Hamilton. Try a FREE Class on us!
  3. Join us for Stroller Fitness or Women’s Only Boot Camp Programs

Trina xo

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