Trina’s Tabata Training is here! I have two video workouts for you below and Two Extra Workouts that you can download here. Tabata training is great way to get in a high intensity workout quickly. Todays Trina’s Transformations Tidbits include a 4 minute Live Tabata Workout, our Myths and Mingle event talking about Women’s Health Issues and a Lower Body, Booty and HIIT Workout.  I’m in the process of creating new Tabata workouts that I will share once complete.  In the meantime, enjoy all of these free workouts and start moving.  I did this workout in my bedroom so try it for morning motivation.

Trina’s Tabata Training 4 minute Real Time

  • Set a timer 20 sec hard work, 10 sec of rest for 8 rounds *or follow me live in the workout below
  • Perform a warm up set and the second round make it hard
  • 20 sec of Single leg lunge with a glute kickback *keep your chest up, long spine and move at your own pace
  • 20 sec of Mountain runners

Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationFit Traveller Trina’s Tabata Bedroom Workout – Download Here

These Fit Traveller Workouts are great if you are strapped for time, equipment or travelling.  I was away with no access to a gym so I did a body weight workout in my hotel room.  Download these workouts and save them on your computer or phone.  The Fit Traveller Workouts are complete with two workouts and no equipment necessary.  There is a real time video workout below if you want to do it with me.  I cut my Fit Traveller workout into a Tabata session because I was strapped for time.  Try it in your bedroom to get you started for the day and it will give you a great after burn.  Check it out:

Myths and Mingle Women’s Event

Join us Sunday, June 24 at 1pm.  Click here for details and to register.  It’s FREE and we have food too.  We are addressing leakage, pelvic floor dysfunction, painful sex, mummy tummy, what to do pre and post baby and so much more.  Top Experts include myself as the Fitness and Post Natal Expert, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Doulas, Chiropractor, Naturopath and a group full of amazing women.  Our last event was packed, register now.

routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationTrina’s Lower Body, Booty, HIIT Workout

Since I built my Fit4Females home studio, I haven’t made it to the gym.  I was away from home at a Coaching conference and got a free pass to the gym after the event.  Here is a Train with Trina workout to focus on lower body, HIIT cardio and the booty – glutes.  There is one machine I love at the gym to develop glutes and hamstrings but you can modify at home with a bench.  Be sure to warm up first and work at your own pace.  The video below is a short demo of the exercises.  This was my workout:

  • 4 reps each leg Single Leg Curtsy lunge
  • 4 reps each leg Cursty lung with a hop
  • 10 reps Glute and Hamstring Developer _*option to do this on a bench
  • 11 total Side kicks in the air or on a bag | 5 squat jacks repeat 2 x
  • 10 each single Leg Deadlift with a kettlebell or dumbbell
  • 30 sec of mid weight Squat Thrusters
  • 4 rounds total
  • Finish with stretching, foam rolling and self care!

Tidbit Recap: 

  • Make time for your workouts and schedule in your calendar
  • Download the FREE Fit Traveller Workouts
  • Make your health a priority
  • Take a sweaty selfie like I did below and hashtag #Fit4Females so I can find you and cheer you on

Fit4Females Focus Forward

  1. Meal plans, workouts and more with our Online 28 Day Shape Up challenge
  2. We won Best Boot Camp in Hamilton.  Try a FREE Class on us!
  3. Join us for Stroller Fitness or Women’s Only Boot Camp Programs

Trina xo

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