I’ve got one tip for you to beat bloating, lose water weight and immediately affect your health.  I am on a quest to simplify my life, reduce my stress and part of this was buying a pressure cooker with all the rave of the instant pot.  My life is changed FOREVER because as a Mom of 3, this pot just save me time so I can focus on my health!  I have a 5 minute Taco Soup recipe below and honestly you can’t go wrong it was so delicious.  Trina’s’ Transformation Tidbits this week are EPIC!  Have a watch below.

Beat Bloating, Lose Weight with this One Tip 

I know you know this, but is it a habit?  Are you putting it into action?  If you want to lose weight, feel less bloated and increase your health drink more water today. How much? Drink until your urine is pale yellow.  Our Fit4Females Water bottles are EPIC, double insulated hot or cold and they come in pink, blue and green.  At 800 mls each bottle, they are guaranteed to get you hydrated.  Check them out here.

5 Tips to Drink More Water

1) ? Plan: Bring your water bottle with you everywhere you go, don’t leave home without it;

2) ? Avoid: Don’t drink from plastic water bottles unless absolutely necessary;

3) ? More: Drink more water if you are working out/active or in the heat;

4) ? Add: Add lemon, ginger, cayenne or apple cider vinegar for flavour; and

5) Clear: You know you are drinking enough when your urine is pale yellow and does not have an odour (yellow urine is a sign of dehydration).

Start small and work your way up, sip water throughout the day and it will soon become a positive habit.  If you want to get scientific, read this Are you drinking enough water,

Instant Pot and Pressure Cookers | Don’t be Suspicious, it’s delicious

As busy and stressed Moms, Michelle and I are on a quest to simplify life with meal planning.  Moms are being pulled in a million directions and our list of to do’s never ends.  I was SUPER suspicious about all the rave with the instant pot.  I’m not one for FAD anything EVER.  Michelle was raving about one recipe she made so off to Costco I went for the pressure cooker, sorry instant pot, no hard feelings (I am super IMPATIENT and didn’t want to wait for shipping)

Trina’s Taco Soup Tidbits

    • Two containers of chicken broth (unsalted and organic)
    • 2 cans of any beans of your choice
    • 3 tbsp of Taco seasoning
    • 2 cups of pasta sauce (I ran out of crushed tomatoes and thought what the heck)
    • Two raw chicken breasts or chicken thighs
    • Reserve 2 cups of corn for after *I didn’t want it mushy in the pot – make sure it’s organic and non GMO
    • Michelle turned on the pot, it has to pressurize for approximately 10 minutes
    • After the pressure builds, the recipe cooked for 5 minutes – I was convinced I would have food poisoning but I CANNOT believe it was cooked, it was amazing and it was so ridiculously easy *follow the recipe in your manual
    • We stirred in the corn after it was cooked
    • My kids walked in the door and said “It smells so good in here”
    • EPIC day, top with avocado or whatever you want and celebrate more free time

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Trina xo

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