It’s so important to workout, but do you practice Mindset Mental Fitness?  When was the last time you felt down?   For me, it was last week.  I was feeling sorry for myself, frustrated and it was starting to take me down a path I didn’t want to go.  Your daily mindset and thoughts are critical to your success in every aspect of your life.  Negative thoughts and mindset can take you down a rabbit hole of depression, procrastination, self sabotage and crush your productivity and success.  This is a longer post with lots of info 🙂

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This affects your Sex life, fitness, workouts and entire

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I have not fully shared yet but I have been going through a scary medical issue since November which has me frustrated, scared, unsettled and feeling a loss of control.  It’s affecting every aspect of my life and I am having to make “adjustments” to my business life, workouts, sleep and in my personal life that I don’t want to.  I was resistant.  My “DUMPY mood” didn’t last long because I have the tools to recognize and replace what I’m going through and get help when I need it.

Two Tips to Climb out of the Mindset Weeds

Tip #1  Get Real 

  • Write down has you frustrated *don’t hold back, there is no judgement here, it’s just a note to yourself and nobody else needs to see it.
  • What are all of the thoughts you feel?
  • How it is affecting your behaviour?
  • What are the triggers and a general dump list of everything you feel around the situation?

Tip #2 Be the Coach

  • Look at the get real dump list and identify what advice you would give to someone else after reading it?
  • What are some points that can you do to gain ground and deal with the situation in the present time?
  • What changes can you make to improve your current situation?
  • Focus on the positive and NOT the negative or you will get more of it

My Two Identified Priorities:  

    1. Seek out a Mindset Support Coach:  I hired someone to give me perspective, clarity and an insight into some things that have me stuck. EPIC!
    2. Prioritize regular workouts because they have a direct affect on my mood.  I had to find an accountability buddy to keep me on target with my “modified” workouts.  I can’t lift heavy, I can’t do yoga, I can’t crush the workouts I normally do and that SUCKS!  Once I changed my mindset and realized I can simply modify my workouts, I tell my accountability buddy and she keeps me accountable!

In Summary

  • If you are injured:  Focus only on what can you do in workouts and not what you can’t do
  • Get an accountability buddy
  • Hire an expert: a Coach, therapist, personal trainer or medical professional that can help your current situation
  • Invest money in you
  • Get a strong circle of support with friends, family and a team that has great mindset and can help you when you are down
  • Forgive yourself when you have a bad day *its healthy and normal
  • Recognize when you are down in the dumps, go back to your triggers and your list
  • Replace your bad mood with a list of things you know make you feel incredibly happy and powerful and do more of them
  • Make these amazing Lemon Chia Seed Muffins, they will make you happy 🙂

A little repetitive practice and you are all set!

Get Your Mind Right

  • Part of creating change is creating habits READ MORE
  • If you are stuck, figure out what you can do to manipulate where you are at, remember your are in control of your thoughts
  • Modify where you need it i.e.: is it mindset that has you stuck, what workouts can you do?
  • Nature is very healing, get outside daily
  • Give yourself permission to let go and be okay with where you are at
  • Go through it, feel it and be in the situation.  Don’t push it away!
  • Mindset matters:  focus on the positive things rather than the “situation” you are going through
  • Your current situation is an opportunity for change and growth
  • Don’t be resistant, change your mindset and accept where you are at
  • Focus on gratitude

Just like negative thoughts become a reality, so does the positive mindset and thoughts so get your MIND RIGHT!

Lots of Support for YOU!

I will always share my honesty with you and I hope it strikes a change in you.  If you ever need extra support ….

  1. My Fit Insider has lots of tips that I don’t share anywhere else.  Jump in here
  2. Big support community with things aren’t shared publicly, join my Free Facebook Group for Support
  3. Join our Women’s Only Fitness Programs
  4. Come and try a FREE class and see why we are the #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club in our area
  5. My favourite place is Instagram and Facebook where I share lots of tips, motivation, workouts and insight.



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