I am pumped for this weeks Trina’s Transformation Tidbits!  Confession,  I missed posting last week because I bit off more than I could chew in my family and business life.  Solution:  complete kitchen clean out and life clean out.  I went back to the drawing board with my 4 Things that I do Every Day to Succeed, refocused and committed to only the most important tasks that will propel me forward in my goal of helping people transform their life.  I am cleaning house which is the perfect time for my Kitchen Clean out Freebie.  Remember, the daily action happens on Instagram and Facebook but this is my recap for you. 

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Talk with Trina:  3 Steps Towards Action

I am challenging you to take 3 small mini action steps towards progress every day.  The only way you can move forward is to take small mini steps every day, don’t think big.  If you can break the big picture down into small mini steps you will be more likely to succeed and it won’t be so overwhelming.  A few mini steps could be…

  • Make time for the a group fitness class, at home workout or the gym
  • Meal plan for the week or at least supper:  recipe ideas here
  • Drink more water
  • Schedule, write down and commit to your workouts for the week
  • Scheduling and time management so you have more time to do ABC!

Break down your 3 mini steps into Tasty Time Chunks (love this saying).

What three things can you do every day to move you forward into action.    For accountability, tell us your mini steps in my Facebook Group

Tips on Buying Fish and Grocery Cart Food 

Here is my tip on buying fish and some of my food items in my grocery card for the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge that we just started.   Big note:  Make sure you are buying wild fish and not farmed.

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Inside my Free Facebook Group there are amazing women that I would love for you to meet!  I updated my Pinterest board to share Workouts, Recipes, Motivation and Nutrition and WOW have they been sharing !  Here are two free places you can get support from me and my community:

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Reader’s Choice Thanks for Voting for us!

The BIGGEST thanks for nominating and voting for us in the Hamilton Spectator Readers’ Choice Awards.  It is out of our hands now and we wait to see who the winners are.  We will continue to strive for award winning excellence.  So much love xo


4 Tips for a Better Morning

Easy and Clean Recipes ideas here

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