Kick sugar challenge for you? You can conquer anything, even your sugar addiction.  Sugar is proven as addictive as CRACK. YUK! We wouldn’t touch crack but we would eat lots of sugar right?  This week is a kick sugar challenge. How many times do you cave into chocolate, wine, nachos, pizza and anything sugar when you really didn’t want to?  Then you feel guilty, “I can’t believe I caved”.  Make a plan, stick to it and keep practising.  Here are some Tidbits to help…

Kick Sugar Challenge Tidbits at a Glance: 

kick-sugar-halloween-tipsKick Sugar to the Curb

It’s Halloween time right now but sugar is a year round problem.  I would have to do 72 Burpees to burn off my favourite Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. No thanks! I will eat these instead Peanut Butter Cups Healthy.  Refuse to give in to those awful sugar loaded treats which ends with a crash and sugar coma.  I want you to pick how many days you can eliminate sugar for.  Start with one if it’s a real struggle and the other days you eat it, reduce it.  It’s hard to quit completely.  If it’s Halloween or holiday time for you, I’m challenging you to RESIST those awful Halloween candies and holiday treats.

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“I was living off of 5-6 coffees with 3 tsp of sugar in each just to keep up with the busy life of being a mom and a wife.  6 weeks later I’m down to 2 cups a day (16 tsp of sugar to 4!)  I feel like a brand new person”  – Jennifer Freire, Mom of 3′

Sugar Container on the Counter

4 grams of sugar = 1 tsp
Scoop and measure it in a clear cup for all that you DO or DO NOT consume


It all comes down to making a decision about what you want to spend your calories on.  People feel badly about themselves when other people make healthy choices because it forces them to think about their own choices. Having a small piece of dessert is fine however, seconds and then more is not “moderation”.  The sugar, salt and fat adds up fast.  So do the mood swings that come with sugar.  Here are quick tips to beat calories and reduce sugar.

Trina’s Kick Sugar Tidbits

  1. Have a homemade juice to fuel up with healthy calories and never go hungry
  2. Drink 1 glass of water when you crave sugar *try my Lemon Detox Water or add fruits, cucumbers, etc to flavour it
  3. Get away from the snacks (I physically moved the bowl of M&M’s, Pringles and popcorn because I knew I would eat it)
  4. Fill up on fibre whenever possible, you can never eat enough veggies
  5. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you just don’t want it.  It’s ok to stand out because chances are your choice will make someone else think twice
  6. Splurge on sugar “something” but not everything *make it something you really want
  7. Don’t eat until your pants are too small, pay attention



Not Losing Weight? This is why 

I hear you if you are totally struggling to lose weight and body fat.  Many of my clients suffer and I did to. Until I started honestly doing this one thing.  In this video, I explain the biggest issue for weight loss and workouts. Stress plays a huge role, try to reduce yours one issue at a time. You can lose weight and body fat but it requires this, read more here.

Not Losing Weight?  Click the photo to watch


banana-muffins-food-is-fuel-food-iconOrganize your Fridge for Healthy Eating

Due to the demand for a look inside my fridge, check out this video here.  I share lots of recipes ideas and my best fridge staples too. I have lots of recipes on Pinterest here if you are a visual person.  The saying goes “you can’t outwork a bad diet”.  Eat well to support your workouts so they don’t suffer. Decide to bring healthy foods into your home and set time aside to meal prep.  Remember to download this and save it for later.


Implement something from the Tidbits I have given you because it’s like free coaching and I’m dishing out to help you rock it.  Leave me a comment below with you BIGGEST sugar challenge?  Mine is peanut butter cups hands down. I will eat them if they are there.

xo Trina Medves


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