Let’s tackle consistency, clean eating, being busy and my Clean Eating on the Go Freebie this week.  Trina’s Transformation Tidbits are weekly tips to transform your life.  You can catch me daily on Instagram and Facebook and each week I give you the snapshot recap to make sure you are getting all of my free motivation and inspiration.

Clean Eating on the Go Guide with Recipes FREE DOWNLOAD

Eating on the go does not have to derail your health or weight loss efforts.  It’s all about being prepared and having a strategic plan that will allow you to eat out at almost any restaurant and still stay on track.  Click here to download my 10 Tips to Keeping it Together while busy on the road and 4 Recipes that travel well.  Grab your Free Eating on the Go Guide.


Trina Talks: Busy is Not an Excuse to Skip Workouts

The importance of getting fit and healthy is to ensure you don’t stop “just because” and to practice discipline.  Grab my freebies every week and add a quickie routine.  Get the workouts done so you feel good about your body.  It’s all about preparation and a good morning routine that starts the night before.  Read my 4 Tips for a Better Routine if you are struggling with time, stress and regular workouts.

Trina’s Tip:  Prep your clothes the night before and schedule your workouts.  Grab my Butts and Gut Workout here for a 10 minute fitness quickie.

Trina Talks: Consistency, Workout, Clean Smoothie

Long weekend came and I had 3 days of visitors and stayed up way to late but I was committed to my workouts and meals.  I had a smoothie already prepped in the freezer and the night before I told my accountability buddy to meet me at 10:30 am for a quickie workout.

Trina’s Tip:  Schedule the workout the day before and treat it like an appointment.


Trina Talks: One glass of wine and one glass of water

Challenge for you:  Alcohol Beer, Wine and Fancy drinks: Calories creep up quickly when you are trying to slim down. Here is my BIGGEST tip 4 you… 500 ml of water per alcoholic drink you have.  You will be peeing it out in no time!

How Can I Help You?

Each week I answer questions and give you solutions for your biggest struggles… drop me a comment and I will follow it up with tips, freebies and videos!  Follow me on Instagram @trinamedves.  The recap is good…but really Instagram Stories are where all the fun tidbits happen!


In Case You Missed It:  10 Minute Quickie Workout

Strapped for time?  We crushed my 10 minute Calf and Core Quickie workout.  Finished with a little meditation and feel amazing.  I want to share with you.. grab the FREE download.  What is your favourite body part to work?

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