Here is a Butts and Guts workout, two tips to overcome anxiety and fear, my crazy monkey bar experience with Nichelle Laus and more.  I have another FREEBIE for you this week, download my 10 minute Butts and Guts Workout Here.  My booty was feeling so good after and the second workout I added a mini band.   Tell us below want to hear about next week.  Let’s dive into the best tidbits of the week on Instagram and Facebook.

butts-gutts-iconButts and Guts Workout and a Healthy Gut FREE DOWNLOAD

Try my 10 minute Butts and ABS workout followed by a download for a healthy gut.  Flatulence, bloating, upset stomach?  Can’t seem to flatten that belly, try this FREE DOWNLOAD.  In this episode of TTT, Michelle talked about how she was experiencing gut issues because of dairy.  Michelle downloaded my 5 Free Give the Cow a Break Recipe Guide and she has been drinking the Orange Cleanser and the smoothies and she has better skin and is feeling great. Her kids are drinking it too!

Booties are my favourite body part and not just because they fill out your jeans and make you look good, but because they are so important to support your hips and pelvis.  Strong glutes can help reduce back pain, pelvic pain, knee pain and training them helps you burn more calories because they use lots of energy. This is just one of the many glute programs I have. Let’s get to it #fit4females

butts-lose-weight-mindsetTwo Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety, fear and panic can cripple so many and can stop you from achieving things in your life.  Here are two tips to help if you have ever suffered from fear, anxiety or not thinking that you’re good enough and it has stopped you from going for your dreams or your goals.  Listen to this…

Trina Rocks the Crazy Monkey Bars with Nichelle Laus

I celebrated an appreciation day with my assistant as a big surprise.  I’m not a master of bars or pull ups but I was able to rock the monkey bars on my second attempt thanks to the encouragement from Nichelle Laus and my assistant.  Lots of fun!

Trina Talks:  Appreciate People and Stroller Fitness

Challenge for you:  Every day I want you to appreciate someone by telling them something awesome that is super positive.  Why do you love them?  Do a review online for your favourite restaurant, fitness company or product.  Don’t be a complainer, be a solutions provider.

What other Tidbits do you need solutions 4….

Each week I answer questions and give you solutions for your biggest struggles… drop me a comment and I will follow it up with TIPS girlfriend!  Follow me on Instagram @trinamedves.  The recap is good…but really Instagram Stories is where all the fun tidbits happens!

In Case You Missed It:  10 Minute Quickie Workout

Strapped for time?  We crushed my 10 minute Calf and Core Quickie workout.  Finished with a little meditation and feel amazing.  I want to share with you.. grab the FREE download.  What is your favourite body part to work?


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