Trina’s Transformation Tidbits: This weeks recap is all about body image, food prep, properly washing your fruits and veggies to avoid a parasite and lots more.  You won’t believe the video below of our Boot Camp Members talking about their biggest Body Image struggles.  Some cried!  

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Trina Talks Body Image 

Body Image is a problem with women and much of it can lead to eating disorders, over exercising, weight gain, weight loss and a huge sense of depression.  Don’t just workout to lose weight, make the priority health to shift your mindset.  Consistency is the answer and I challenge you to replace one bad habit that is not serving you currently.

Be consistent, take a walk, join a free group  and invest in YOU.  Work on your self talk, it’s a journey.  We teach our women at Fit4Females that it’s physical fitness, mental fitness and self talk.  Here are my 5 Quick Tips for a Healthy Body image.

Our Members Talk Body Image Struggles

Our Members talk about what their biggest body image struggles were.  It was hard for them to even talk about it.  Even though you tell yourself something positive all of the time it doesn’t always work.  “I try not to buy the magazines because it makes me feel like I’m never good enough”.  They struggle with their weight, their thighs and all of the stuff that girls are normally insecure about.  One of our members even told us she wanted to look good in the clothes she owns but she doesn’t feel good because she doesn’t look like everybody else.  “I want to accept my woman’s body and not my teen body”.  Getting used to the extra fat around my stomach, hips and butt area that I didn’t have before.

Body Image Reminders

  • Your body has produced beautiful things, it gives you life
  • You are good enough, right now!
  • Your thighs are gorgeous, curvy and meant for kicking some booty in life
  • You do NOT need to look like anybody else because there is only ONE you
  • Accept your Woman’s Body and let go of what you “used” to look like

Trina Talks:  Food Prep Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

The 2017 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list is out. You will NOT believe what’s at the top of the list. Wash your produce very well even if it’s organic, they can carry serious germs and viruses, especially from all the people that touched it before you bought it.

Click to see the results of the Dirty Dozen List and the Clean 15 Produce List 

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