Time tips are critical for your health and there is nothing like a health scare to put your priorities in order. That’s where I’m at right now.  My job as a Health and Fitness Coach is to remind you to take care of yourself.   Taking my advice, I took some vacation time to be with my husband and 3 kids which I will share in another post.  In order for me to cope with the stress of my recent health scare, I have to make everything health related a priority so time management and planning is critical.

Selfie, Time Tips & Fitness After Baby 

This edition of Trina’s Transformation Tidbits is about putting your health first, taking care of yourself after having a baby and time management tools so you can fit in workouts, you time, meal planning and everything else you need to.

Sneak Peek Tidbits 

  • Health, fitness, sleep and family MUST be your top priorities
  • Working out after having a baby is not what it was before you got pregnant. You need a specialized program to restore your core and pelvic floor. We are experts, try our Stroller Fitness.
  • A pelvic floor physiotherapist is a must after having a baby (regardless of whether you had a c-section or vaginal birth)
  • You need a team of support including coaches, treatment providers, massage therapists, healers and friends to heal and lift you up when necessary
  • Mindset and mental fitness is critical
  • Karen thought leaking was normal after having a baby and she is a registered nurse. She healed a diastasis and leakage
  • Calendar will help with health and weight loss
  • A morning routine that starts the night before

Health Scare and my Support System

Necessary couple selfie. I’m not at my fittest or leanest but mentally I feel the strongest I have ever been because I changed my mindset. I now crush my workouts based on how I feel, modified and mainly for my mental sanity.

Going through a very unsettling medical scare makes me so grateful for moving my body because I have no idea what is going to happen.  I’m still waiting for tests and results.

My legacy is to remind you that you are the number one priority. Health comes first and that means texts, emails, work and other things you think you have to do, have to sometimes wait so you can heal and make yourself and your family a priority.

My amazing support team currently consists of my:

  • incredible husband and children who keep me pushing through adversity and to be the best I can be DAILY
  • stubborn and bossy friends and family who listen to me cry, worry and then slap me out of it and tell me to stop working so damn hard
  • awesome neurologist, neuro Opthamolagist, GP and all the nurses that keep poking me for more blood and answers
  • MRI and CT staffs who I need to move a little quicker but I’m still grateful
  • Osteopath, naturopath, massage therapist, chiropractor, mental coach and my incredible holistic healer

Now all I need is a cook to make me healthy meals.  Together my team makes me stronger in every aspect of my life.  Whatever is trying to beat you down is a lesson, so stand up and sucker punch that right in the face

Fitness after Having a Baby

Post Partum Moms after Baby ALERT! Not all programs are created equal or safe for you to lose the baby weight.

I’ve carried and delivered 3 babies and I know how important proper recovery is after pregnancy. Slow and steady is critical to restore your ABS – core and pelvic floor. It’s not ok to pee your pants, mummy tummy is a real thing and you could have pelvic floor dysfunction and a diastasis recti.

Any regular workout program is not ok.

A proper Program with a focus on post natal recovery is a MUST after having a baby. So is seeing a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. Fit4Females Stroller Fitness Programs modify and specialize in post natal fitness. You can get a great workout after baby even when you modify for a diastasis recti, abdominal separation and peeing your pants.

Come and try a FREE class or follow us online for lots of post natal tips.

Meet Karen “I was leaking and stubborn”

Leaking is common but not normal. Nobody tells you about the fourth trimester of having a baby which includes “leakage, diastasis recti – abdominal separation, mummy tummy”.

Karen’s Highlights:

  • “On top of my embarrassing pelvic floor issues, Trina broke the news to me that I had a diastasis recti. I am an ICU Nurse and I HAD NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT!
    I was angry and frustrated
  • If I tried to go outside my modifications Trina was always there to correct me in classes
  • I knew deep down that I needed to slow down, and look at the bigger picture
  • If I hadn’t come to Fit4Females, I’d still leak while jumping rope, and accept it as an unfortunate fact of motherhood.”

Struggling with Time Management?  Try This:

Plan your week on Sunday nights whenever possible and look ahead the night before.

Tip #1:  Daily Brain Dump 

• Dump everything on your brain onto a piece of paper. Pen to paper is critical, do this every night to clear your mind and figure out top priorities
• Write down what you are grateful for
• Pick top priority to do’s from your dump list and transfer them to your agenda
• Have a morning routine that starts the night before

Tip #2:  Calendaring

• Write down 3 top priorities every day: mine are health, fitness and food
• Add workouts to your calendar
• Is there white space in your calendar “time to be creative, breathing space”, are you over scheduled?


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