It’s time to stop slacking in our excuses.  Let’s get together and get motivated with a free challenge.  This week’s Trina’s Transformation Tidbits was all about re-committing and mini steps.  I went back to my morning walks, prepping my morning smoothies and I launched a September Challenge in my Private Facebook group so we are getting things done.  

I have another freebie for you this week.   As always, my biggest action and all of my energy shows up on Instagram and Facebook but here your recap so you don’t miss out. 

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Talk with Trina:  September Challenge : FREE JOIN IN

What are the big rocks in your life?  Think health, wellness, family, nutrition / meal planning, kids, workouts, sleep and anything that is really important to you.  Are you focusing on your big rocks or are you getting lost in the pebbles and dust?  Join me for a FREE Challenge in my Facebook Group.

All you have to do is go to my Private Facebook Group and start now.  Stop being a #F4FSeptemberSlacker and join me and the other challengers for 7 days of mini challenges to transform your fitness, nutrition and health.

 Talk with Trina:  Food Prep and September Challenge : FREE JOIN IN

Sunday was my food prep day I committed to get all of my smoothies ready for the week.  I tried a sandbag workout and dished out a transformation story about my amazing member Kendra.  It got me thinking that Sunday is the day that everyone is either stressing about Monday or feeling inspired.  Check out what Ashley’s goal is for the September Challenge and join free #F4FSeptemberslacker.

Morning Walk, Berry Green Smoothie Walk and Gratitude

I got a chance to check in the Group for their Mini Challenge #1, dished out my favourite Berry Green Smoothie Bowl and had a morning gratitude walk with my husband.  Keep true to my September Kickstart challenge.  What are you grateful for you today?

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Drop me a comment and I will follow it up with tips, freebies and videos.  Follow me on Instagram @trinamedves.  The recap is good…but Instagram Stories are where all the fun tidbits happen!

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