Trina’s Transformation Tidbits this week are all about travelling and being on the go.  I am speaking at a huge event Canada’s Biggest Fitness Conference called Women Who Influence.  That means I have to be a Fit Traveller and 5 days on the go with planning my meals, sleeping outside of my bed and getting my workouts in.  The way I stay on track is my Eating on the Go tips and my Fit Traveller.  This allows me to have balance in my personal life, business and most importantly my health.  

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Fit Traveller Part 1 FREE DOWNLOAD

Trina Talks: Fit Traveller Tips, Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep

I have a freebie Fit Traveller Guide for you this week.  Inside the Fit Traveller Guide are my top tips for fitness, nutrition and sleep while on the go.  I also included a total body weight workout with an instructional video and a description of how to do each of the exercises.  This is Part one of two workouts which focuses on legs, triceps and core.  Part two will be dished out August 24.  I also wrote a Blog about some of my quickie tips.  Read more here.

Trina Talks: Ditch the Scale

My goal is packing on muscle mass and decreasing my body fat.  Don’t get focused on the scale and worrying about your weight.  Measure by how your body feels and how your clothes fit.  Focus on your meal planning, schedule your workouts and get enough sleep.

It’s not just about calories in and out or training hard.  Find your balance and tighten up your weakness.

Trina Talks: AHA Moment in your life

Are you exactly where you need to be right now?  Are you sitting, standing, walking, driving and living your absolute purpose. Do you feel happy with the choices you are making in your personal life, your business, your food choices, fitness and wellness.
I had to take a really big look at myself before I stepped on the stage at the Women Who Influence event in Toronto.
My speech Thursday is all about how fitness saved my life.  It’s emotional and very deep and I will make sure to share this experience with you.
If your answer is no, write down some of the things that are distracting you from your best purpose.  Get a clear picture just to start.  Do one thing today that has deep meaningful impact in your life.

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