It’s no secret that we are getting busier and busier and sadly our health is suffering because of the too many “to do’s” that are on our list.  There has never been a more important time to stay fit and healthy.  Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated, long or fancy and in fact, you don’t have to leave your house if you don’t want to.  Check out the video below of some small moves you can do daily that add up.

Check out Trina’s appearance as a Fitness Guest Expert on Rogers OMNI TV Kitty Talk

“At Home moves that will keep you fit and functional”

Functional At-Home Moves
to try while:

1. Watching TV: Working full body/calves/arms/cardio

Squat to chair or couch

Power up to stand.  Repeat 10-15 reps.


Cues: Chest up, core (ABS) nice and tight, engaged

Power up to toes to work in calf raises
Add arms in front to increase difficulty
Once feeling comfortable add a jump at the top

2. Laundry Time: Working arms/core

Squat to grab item of laundry

Stand with arms straight out

Shake and fold the item

Repeat until done, laundry never felt so good

Cues: standing nice and tall, core engaged, arms long

Single leg tree pose

Make sure to work both legs

3. Mom and Baby: Working core/shoulders/legs

Step back into lunge

Holding baby out in front of you safely and rotate side to side

Cues: Chest up, nice and tall.  Make sure to work both legs.

Hold baby further away from body while rotating
Moving baby up and down to increase difficulty

4. Cleaning the floor: Working booty/core/arms

Use a paper plate or a rag on a slippery surface

To work the booty: Slide foot back/side/front and make sure to work both legs

To work core and arms:  In a pushup position: Slide paper plate out in front and then slide back

Trina’s Top 4 Quick and Functional Moves

Full body: Squats

Front of the body and arms: Pushups

Back of the body: Prone Swimmers
While standing: imagine squeezing a giant beachball behind your back

Core: Plank or single leg Tree Pose

Do each move for 30 secs for 5 rounds for 10 minutes total

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