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Nutrition, fitness and wellness tips from your Trainer that will help improve your life.  I am a busy Mom of 3 and I appreciate the simple things that help improve my life one small step at a time.  I am excited to share with you an amazing product that I love.  I am all about healthy living and spreading the word when I find something I love.  What is dairy, soy and gluten free, has no sugar added, 15 grams of protein, 6 g of fibre, loaded with greens and probiotics and more?

Trainer Trina Medves – Be Your Best You!

This week I want you to try something new!  Protein is the key to healthy living and proper recovery.  Is it important for your immune system, your hair, skin and nails, etc.  I always try and get my protein from natural sources and I like a clean product that I can add to my smoothies.

Vega One Protein Nutritional Shake 

Vega Protein Smoothie

15 g protein *same as 2.7 eggs

6g fibre

1.5 g Omega – 3




Best of all it’s dairy, gluten and soy free and has no added sugar.  Try it in my Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie or my Fit4 Fat Blasting Protein Smoothie.  I bought mine at Goodness Me in Hamilton.  It is the best tasting vegan protein powder I have tasted.

More benefits of Vega One Protein Powder – click here

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