Happy Thanksgiving!   Too much turkey, too many desserts and too many calories consumed.  Fall back into shape with this Total Body Tabata Challenge.  A combination of a total body workout and a nutrition and fitness challenge to look and feel your best.  This Total Body Tabata Challenge can be done anywhere.  Be sure to warm up with some good dynamic stretches and push to your limits during your Tabata Challenge.  Get a mat, set your timer and work it hard.

Total Body Tabata Challenge


Total Body Tabata Challenge Prescription

20 sec of work, 10 sec of rest

2 full Tabata rounds (8 min in total with no breaks except the 10 sec of rest)

Repeat all 4 exercises for 4 full sets

Total Body Tabata Challenge Move #1

1 Legged side squat alternating *stand tall, drive your hips back and down towards the ground and step R, then return to stand and step L alternating each time.  Chest up tall, shoulders back and down, abs tight.

Total Body Tabata Challenge Move #2

Burpee with 2 double knee thrusters in and a star jump, repeat (Alternatives: regular burpees or squats if beginner)

Total Body Tabata Challenge Move #3

AB bicycle reach hand to opposite ankle – Shoulders lifted slightly off the ground the entire time and back solid in the mat (no arching).  Keep your abs tight, chest open and shoulders back rotating left to right engaging the ABS.

Total Body Tabata Challenge Move #4

Isometric AB hold with legs straight up, shoulders up and arms straight out beside your body (V sit for more progression)

Total Body Nutrition Challenge

Increase your water and fibre intake the entire month.  Limit or reduce caffeine for 28 days (including chocolate, pop, tea, power bars, etc).  Try two weeks with no alcohol.


I’m holding you accountable to this Tabata Challenge at least once over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Burn off some turkey, mashed potatoes, bread, pumpkin pie, etc.  Let us know how you are doing.  I would love to hear from you so be sure to post your comments below.

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