Are you guilty of the “I have no time to workout syndrome“.  Try this Total Body Bur 5 minute challenge which incorporates upper body, ABS and legs.  This quick Total Body Burn Fitness Challenge can be done at home, on the road or when you are pressed for time and you need fast and effective total body workout.

20/20/20 Total Body Burn – video


Total Body Burn Move #1

20 High Plank knee drivers (plank then drive L knee to R arm pit, repeat on left)

Total Body Burn Move #2

20 Russian twists

Total Body Burn Move #3

20 Sumo Overhead Squats

Total Body Burn Tips

  • Always warm up first and always consult your physician before you start a fitness program
  • Always good form and technique and work within your limits
  • Repeat the cycle as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes – AMRAP
  • Nutrition: Do not eat for 3 hours before bed and aim for 10-11pm bedtime at the latest

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Get after it!

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